Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief – Review

I was asked to review Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief.  And as I didn’t know anything about the books by Rick Riordan, I had a quick look on Wikipedia.   I was intrigued, as a kid I was a big Greek/Roman mythology geek which I’m guessing comes as no surprise to most of my regular readers! So stories about demi gods living in New York sounded right up my street.

The basic story is this:

“Percy, a high school student whose life is turned upside-down when he discovers he’s the son of the Greek god Poseidon (Kevin McKidd; Trainspotting, Grays Anatomy). With his mother missing and facing accusations of stealing Zeus’ (Sean Bean: Sharpe, Lord of the Rings) lightning bolt, Percy must embark on a cross-country quest to find the real lightning thief and avert a mythological war.

Joined on his adventure by fellow demi-god and daughter of Athena, Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario; Law and Order, All my Children) and a satyr named Grover (Brandon T. Jackson; Fast and Furious, The Day the Earth Stood Still), Percy’s journey brings him face-to-face with furys, centaurs, minotaurs and all-manner of other mythical creatures. Tasked with finding the bolt before the summer solstice, Percy must first battle with Medusa (Uma Thurman: My Super Ex-girlfriend, Batman and Robin), outsmart the seductive Lotus Eaters and escape Hades (Steve Coogan: Night at the Museum 2, Tropic Thunder). But will Percy be able find Zeus’s bolt, return it to Olympus in time and avert a godly war?”

So our view….good film but not one for little ones.  If they can deal with the more recent darker Harry Potter films then they would be ok with this, otherwise leave it until they are older 10 + depending on the child.  Miss L couldn’t have really dealt with some of the scenes but when it comes to films she’s a very young 7.  But it was a good action packed adventure, which also sneaks in some education about Greek Mythology.  Steve Coogan is Hades, which is utter genius and had us giggling through the film.  Uma Thurman was fantastic as a scary Medusa – she was rocking some super scary snake hair! The teen leads are very good and it was so refreshing to see some young female characters who weren’t whiny and vacant but could hold their own.

All in all a thumbs up from us and I’ll be getting the books for Miss L now so we can read them together and I look forward to seeing the next film with her, when she’s a little older.

**Update – it’s the Summer Holidays and it’s raining so I broke out the DVD – she *LOVES* it and apparently it’s the best film ever!! – so what do I know?? :)**

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  1. Thanks for the review. I was considering buying the DVD for my little ones but on your advice I will reconsider (for the time being at least).

    1. Well it really depends on the kids and how they handle that kind of ‘harry potter’ action. But it’s a good movie 🙂

  2. Lucy absolutely LOVED the movie, to the point that she tore through all six (7?) books in the series in under a month. So good starting point to develop interest! 🙂

  3. Interesting – at 4, Flea LOVED this film – we’ve seen it twice at the cinema. She thinks the monsters are very funny, and at the point where they chop the Hydra’s heads off she couldn’t restrain herself from shouting a jubilant YES! Yet, I’ve taken her to other films where she was much more scared – I think because this one was monsters not bad people, she was fine with it.

    What I loved about the film, though, was that for once it has strong, positive female role models – the girl in this movie is smart but just as tough as the boys, and doesn’t go in for giggling or looking pretty or any of that sort of thing. I think it’s a great film for girls on that basis.

    1. Lily’s the biggest scaredy cat ever when it comes to movies, it sounds like Flea is fare more brave! Agreed I loved the female characters in this, if only there were more in movies aimed at this age group.

  4. I remember when T-2 came out. A friend and I went the first day. After the movie we walked out and I saw a guy with his 5 year old son, who was crying uncontrollably. Probably scarred him for life, so I think the advice here is welcome.

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