CyberMummy is almost here….

After many, many months of planning, building website and blogs for it – CyberMummy is almost here.  For those of you who are wondering what on earth I’m going on about, CyberMummy is a parent blogging conference in London (a bit like the Blogher conference) and it’s on Saturday.   I’m travelling down with Karen from Rubbish Diet and Kat from 3 Bedroom which will be fun in itself! But I’m also going to meet most of my Twitter ‘Family’ as Paul and Miss L finally in person – which will be fantastic.  But everyone please forgive me if I forget your actual name and start calling you by your twitter name – I will answer to Violet no problem 😉

I’ve umm’d and arrr’d for weeks about what to wear and I’ve finally settled on jeans, converse & a black top (pretty much my uniform but I might as well go as me!) and I have my small Cath Kidston overnight bag packed with everything I need to stay over in London for the night.

There are going to be some amazing speakers there, some of the founders of Blogher, India Knight from The Times, and some of my favourite Bloggers. So I’m expecting it to be inspirational and lots of fun. And if you are interested check the CyberMummy Blog for the live blogging of the sessions.

For those of you who are going I’ve created a Flickr group for us to share photos and video, so feel free to add your contributions.

I can’t wait to meet you all!

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  1. Love the new header and twitter Avtar, I can not wait to meet you, I am so excited I may have to hug you!! Just packed all our bags and we are setting off tomorrow with a stop off enroute in Berkshire