Sid Dickens Autumn 2010 Collection

I’ve been collecting Sid Dickens Memory Block tiles since 1996 when I stumbled across them in Vancouver. You can only get them in a couple of UK stores now but I’ve found a store Casa Bella in the US who will ship them to the UK and worldwide.  They look amazing on the wall and are pretty easy to hang – just a nail in the wall.  They can grouped together to make a mosaic or have them singly hanging in a blank space, they always look stunning and I get a lot of compliments from guests about them.

I feel bad because I have about eight still sitting in the cupboard that I’ve never hung properly. It’s on my ‘to-do’ aka ‘the never done’ list, so instead I move them about every now and again.  That way I get to see more of them and it never matters which combination you do, they always look good.  As they are Memory Blocks, each one means something to me.  The middle top below was bought with my last few dollars on a fantastic holiday, I have some which have been gifts from friends and family, even one a fellow collector sent me when Miss L was born.

Here are a few of mine my walls can’t really take more than six, but to see more and much better examples of what they can look like when displayed check out Flickr.

So despite our current ‘one in, one out policy’ decreed by my poor long suffering husband, I am lusting after the new Autumn collection.  The have the ‘blonds’ (those with no colour) and the floral ones I adore. I’m currently trying to decide what to cull in order to get some new ones.  The T-05 Angel Wing is a re-issue and I’ve wanted that one for, well about 12 years so I think that has to be one. But other than that I’m torn… them all!

To read more about Sid Dickens, check out their blog here

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{The Gallery} Week 21 – Nature

Wow week 21 of The Gallery and I’m still really enjoying it. It’s really made me look at my photography skills and I’m even saving for a digital SLR camera. I’ve also booked a blog course in photography – Tara this is all your fault! 😉  This week is one of my favourite subjects ‘Nature’ (mainly because it can’t run off!) so over to Tara –

This week’s theme is: Nature. I think my love of trees is well documented by now, so go out there and have fun. The world is a beautiful place – show it to me in all its glory.’

Here are some of my favourite snaps I’ve taken over the last couple of years

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{The Gallery} Week 20 – A Novel Idea

Tara’s come up with a corker this week!

‘This week’s theme is: A novel idea. A photograph which you think represents a favourite book or novel or even children’s tale. A classic, pulp fiction, a fairytale, a modern masterpiece. Dracula, On Chesil Beach, Lord of the Rings, Little Red Riding Hood. Tell us which book and why your photo illustrates it for you.’

So here’s mine, E.M Forster’s ‘Room with a View’ – one of my all time favourite books.  I took this at The Hoste in Burnham Market Norfolk a couple of years ago.

So inviting isn’t it?

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Tuesday Link Love

I’m mid painting everything in my house white at the moment, if it sits still long enough it’s getting a coating!

But I thought I’d have a break to share with your some of my favourite posts on Google Reader this week.  So have a coffee, a sit down and a relax with me, I hope you enjoy them.

Home & Style

The New GreenGate Collection at the always stylish Garrendenny Lane

Sustainable Toddler Bed at inhabitots – via Natalie Lue

Cottage Done with the Floors – Whatever shows what some elbow grease can achieve – beautiful!

Bare Plaster – Tea for Joy

Big Wooden Table of Dreams – Cherry Menlove


Getting Organized with Evernote – Brass Tack Thinking – via Natalie Lue


How do you talk to your children about the two D’s – Living with Kids

Post Vacation Peace for your Kids – Simple Mom

Searching for Honest Joe – Cheshire Mum – so sweet.

Back to School Planning – Organizing Your Way


Courgettes & Carrots – UK Handmade


Oundles First Food Festival – Foxtail Miss L

Yesterday, I ate chanterelles and broad beans lightly cooked in butter – Musings of a Glenland Mother of Six

Also I’d like to thank the following sites as they are my top 10 referrers – thankyou so much x

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The Rummagy Barn

On Friday Miss L and I headed over to Bury St Edmunds to visit the lovely Karen from The Rubbish Diet for coffee, cake and a good gossip.  Bury has some fabulous coffee houses, but there is one in particular I would live in if I was over Bury way – fantastic coffee and wifi!  I heard all about Karen’s new blogging shed – seriously I need me one of those, it even has wallpaper!.  As always it was fabulous to see Karen and we had good wander about town and the Abbey Gardens where I took this photo of the Cathedral.  This is the view from the Rose Garden and it’s just stunning.

On the way home we dropped into ‘The Rummagy Barn’ as we call it, most other people know it as the Risby Antique Barns which is just off the A14 at Risby.  We could spend hours hunting for treasures in there, here are some of the things in there that caught my eye the 1950’s Wedding Dress especially was beautiful. I get so much inspiration from the niknacks they sell in there.

The Art Deco dressing table is just beautiful and I have seen one in the Conran Store for about 4 times the price, but I have no where to put it!  But if you’re ever in the Bury St Edmunds area check out the Rummagy Barn – some fantastic finds waiting for you.

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Bling shopping

We had a window shopping day yesterday. I already have the stripy cushion above and I’m looking for some other cushions to go with it. The ones that came with our sofa originally are starting to look their age and frankly are a bit boring.  I like the damask ones which we found in Homesense and at £7.99 to £12.99 they were quite good value when compared to some similar ones I saw in Laura Ashley today which cost £35 for one cushion!

Miss L spotted this fantastic chair for her bedroom. She wants it to go with her new desk when we get it for her school work. Bless her she’s saving up her pocket money to buy it.

The bling theme continued with this kids bed in Next. We are going to be doing up Miss L’s room soon, her bedroom has been the same since we moved in when she was a toddler and she needs something a little more grown up now. She has our old double bed (her room doubles as a guest room when we have people to stay) and it just takes up most of her room. As a result we can’t get anything else much in there and now we need to get a desk in there it’s time for a change.

She spotted this from afar and frankly if I were seven I’d want it too, check out those knobs!  It’s the Amelia bed and only £179 which isn’t bad for a kids bed having looked around.  So when we’re ready I think we’ll order this, it’s just lovely.

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British Summer

Today was a typical British Summer day – check out that rain!  But the garden did need it and hopefully some of my plants might be resurrected by it. Pretty much everything is dying except for the brambles.

So Miss L and I snuggled here and read some Percy Jackson books this afternoon – she’s now addicted!

And I wore my funky new socks as it was so cold, I love them 🙂

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Legoland – Tips and Tricks

The summer holidays have started in earnest and we’ve already had some great adventures. At the weekend we headed down to Legoland Windsor to meet up with some friends and their little girl to have a fun day out.  I mentioned on Facebook that we were Legoland newbies and my friends came to the rescue with some fabulous tips and tricks for the park, so I thought I’d share their wisdom with you:

“Have a look at the map and think about what rides you might like, they aren’t all on the q-bot system. Some will have restrictions that Miss L won’t meet but she’s tall I think so most things will be OK. We tend to do Land of the Vikings because I love the River Splash ride and then tend to head down to the bottom of the park and work our way back up. The show is always good to watch too. Don’t bother waiting for the Hill Train, walk down, much quicker”

Here are my tips:

If you are going in the summer and it’s hot like Saturday was just pop the kids in a swim suit, we have some that have special SPF 50 fabric, that way you don’t have to worry about sunblock as much and they can get as wet as they like and can dry off quickly.

Book your tickets online, you can see how full the park will be and you get 15% off the tickets if you do it before hand. Also Tesco’s are doing a deal with Clubcard points where you can get a discount – but you have to buy those at the park.

It says on the site that the park opens at 10am, but the gates actually open at 9am for buying tickets and at 9.30am the park lets people in to the first bit where the shops, loos etc are – well worth doing as you can be in first and down at the rides by 10am.

Food – expensive and a bit crap. we had burgers for the three of us and it was £20 – and although the chips were ok the burgers were vile, massive and just horrid.  If you can bear dragging your own food around with you, take a picnic.

We had a great time as a result, the park is great for the under 10’s and as we had a 7 year old and a nearly 2 year old, they both had a lot of fun. Here’s Miss L’s mini review of the park:

‘We first went to the big Lego store and we went on to the Driving School. I think the Driving School is really cool, and I liked going round the roundabouts. And then we went on the Boat School, it was fun and we had to look out for the elephant, and I hoped it did not spray me. At Fire Academy we had to race other people and we came second. Then we went to Adventure Land and at Adventure land the surf board ride, we were spraying people, but then some popped up at us and we got soaking wet, which was lots of fun.

On the Viking Boats I got soaking wet and when you began there was a wall of water and people sprayed at your. I got a really cool sword which had a pink diamond in it.  So then we went back to the Lego store and bought a Lego helicopter.

I suggest you must go to the driving school first as it gets very busy and the Waterworks is lovely on a hot day and cools you down from being toasting hot.  Children should go there’

We loved it so much we’ll be going back in October half term!

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{The Gallery} Week 18 – Holidays

Oops I nearly forgot this – here’s my entry for Tara’s Gallery this week. We’ve had some great holidays as a family but our favourite has to be to Vancouver and the islands surrounding it back in 2008.  Just a wonderful relaxing, child friendly place. We loved every moment, and go back/move there in a heartbeat.

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