Alice in Wonderland Review

As one of Disney’s Blu Ray ambassadors I had my copy of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ through a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to review it ever since.

We all know the story of Alice and how she visits Wonderland as a little girl. Well this is fast forward 10 years and she’s now a young woman, who should marry the ‘right’ man who’s been chosen for her. She spots the white rabbit, and runs away from her marriage proposal and falls back down the hole to Wonderland.

Let’s face it Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland are made for each other and this film is visually stunning. Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen is fabulous I just love her. Jonny Depp’s Madhatter is in turn funny and sinister (but can’t that man just look pretty in a film for a change?!?!), and Mia Wasikowska as Alice is just a brilliant young actress.

But as lovely as it looks, stellar cast etc, I think maybe this is a film that only works in the cinema, it would have been great in 3D!. You know when you watch some films and they just don’t hold your attention when you’re at home,  but would have if you were in the cinema – it’s one of those.  But if you are a lover of the Alice stories or Tim Burton films it’s well worth a watch here’s a little clip.

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  1. That’s a bit of a shame! I think I’ll end up buying it anyway because I really want to see it. I can’t watch in 3D though, it makes me ill!