You know sometimes you see something and you’re so taken with it, it’s all you can think about.  I’ve had that for the last week.  I was reading Modish ( it’s great blog btw go and check it out!) when I spotted her…..I give you Constance.

How gorgeous?

I think Violet Posy Design needs an office and it needs to look just like this.  Sadly for me she’s not for sale, but she is for rent for photoshoots via Snailtrail

But if you like the idea of a retro holiday and you want to hire something beautiful Snailtrail rent and sell VW Campers such as Betty and her Friends as a former VW owner (‘Ruby’ the 1972 Beetle) I have still have bit of a soft spot for them.

Check out their Flickr Photostream here for lots of fantastic photos.

(all photos with the kind permission of Snailtrail)

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  1. I believe I’ve seen these pictures before, and now I am sure that if we ever purchase a camper, I will have to reupholster everything. Constance is so stinkin’ cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is by far, the best decorated campervan I have ever seen! It is like living in Holly Hobbie and Strawberry Shortcake’s world! AMAZING!