{The Gallery} Week 16 – Creatures

Tara at Sticky Fingers is in Florida this week (so jealous! :)) and inspired by visiting Seaworld her subject for The Gallery this week is ‘Creatures’ – over to Tara –

‘And so this week the theme is: Creatures.They don’t have to be exotic like the ones I’ve met today – there is beauty to be had in the bugs in our back garden, the pets in our homes or the animals we encounter in zoos, wildlife parks or in the wild.’

I did think about putting some of my Seaworld photos in but frankly I’m far too in love with the creature that lives with us Betty!!  So you know how some people are baby bores, I am a dog bore – she is just so adorable.  So I’ve also thrown in some video with the pictures so you can have a cute puppy fix.

This is Betty the day we chose her – look how tiny she is in Paul’s hand!

But then she grew and grew, and grew some more until she was a giant dog who thinks she’s still small! Her favourite things in the world are milk first thing in the morning, apples from the garden, belly rubs and lying on or next to me.  Here’s Betty over the last nearly three years.

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  1. She looks lovely. I’m so jealous as my husband is a cat person so we have two cute cats (but I would much prefer a dog!).