Best Dressed iPad

It’s official, I have the best dressed iPad in the UK.  Not only do I have the lovely covers Jen made me but I also received this beautiful iPad cover from Natalie at Etsy’s Sea Side Sew It’s just stunning and so well made. Natalie let me choose my fabric from a really gorgeous selection and then this arrived all the way from California about 10 days later.

So prettily wrapped – you should have heard me squealing 🙂

How gorgeous is this fabric?  And it’s waterproofed too.  It’s well padded and protects the ipad really well, in fact it’s swung my Mum from technophobe to iPad wannbe owner 🙂

It also has a closing velcro which is under this pretty tab – the buttons add a really classy touch.

I’m so impressed, I really am, with not only the service but the choice of fabric and the detail that has gone into making such a beautiful handmade item. Please check out Sea Side Sew for their full range if you’re an ipad, iphone or kindle owner there are some great covers on there.   Thank you Natalie x

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  1. Ooooh my cover is black but yours are luuurrrvely!! I must check out those links pronto!