Half Term Fun

We had a great half term, we didn’t do a massive amount as the car is playing up (don’t even get me started on the Renault garage! Hopefully it should be fixed this week). But earlier in the week, we went up to Alton Towers on a freebie trip from 3 Mobile – thanks guys!

They sent us tickets for Alton Towers, an in-car Wifi system and an iPod touch for Miss L to play on. The journey from here to Alton is about 3 hours and I have to say the Wifi when we were in a 3G cell was amazingly good. We had the iPhones, iPod working off of it at the same time no problem and it was really fast. The only problem is that East Anglia and the East Midlands are the land that 3G forgot – we had hardly any 3G signal. For those who want 3G on the A14/M1 you can get it at Cambridge, Kettering, East Midlands Airport and Peterborough – which is maybe tops 20 minutes of the 3 hour journey. So as much as I thought it was a handy little gadget, living in the 3G blackhole where we are means that I won’t be buying one.

Alton Towers was bit of a revelation – I’ve not been there since I was 15 and Paul hadn’t been since he was at Uni and it was really good – despite the pouring rain!. The staff were really friendly, they were kind to Miss L and made it fun for her which is more than the staff at Disneyland Paris did! So I think we’ll be heading back in a few years for a 2 night stay with Miss L when she’s a bit bigger. Although there was quite a lot for her to do at her current height but another foot, I think would make all the difference and she could pretty much go on everything then.

But totally showing my age, the gardens there are really beautiful. If you get time or are bored with the rides pop to the ‘Forbidden Valley’ and check out the large pond with the waterfall, with all the Rhododendrons around it’s just stunning as you can see in the picture above. Really beautiful.

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  1. Wifi car thingie?

    I need one. a free one mind you, but I need one.

    Plus while i’m at it need an ipad and one of the new iphones. Could you contact your various PR contacts and arrange it for me? Thanks.

    1. I can pass you to the lovely 3 Mobile lady, but no one at Apple loves me. All of those fun things come from the VioletPosy purse-the new iPhones look lovely don’t they?

  2. sometimes when we go somewhere we don’t have high hopes for it turns out to be a most wonderful day. Maybe in not expecting too much we see more than we usually would, are more open to new possibilities and let ourselves just be in the moment, the day šŸ™‚

    1. They will love it, probably the best age apart from teens is about 7-10. Not much to do there before that age x

  3. I didnt even realise that Alton Towers had gardens! I do remember going to a fabulous firework display there on bonfire night one year. We don’t get 3g here either…boo hiss!