Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well?  It feels like ages since I’ve blogged properly and I can’t believe we are in June again – where is the year going?

So on my break I got pretty much nothing other than work done.  But I did finish off some great blogs for SingleMummy.net and Chic Mama both of whom are amazing women and one very gorgeous header for the very stylish Mummy’s Busy World, who I’m also really looking forward to working with later in the year. And next Monday I have Frugal Family going live too!.  I can’t tell you how much I love working on these blogs and the great people behind them – it’s the most fun job I’ve ever had!

I finish work for the summer in 4 weeks so I’m going to cram in all the work I can before then. I decided after the nightmare that was February half term that trying to work at home, while your child is at home is well…next to impossible!  So I’m going to take off the whole summer, and I’ve been so blessed that my customers understand – they are great and I can’t thank them enough!

House wise, I’ve narrowed down the paint colour to two very chalky whites from Little Green Paint Company for the lounge and well the kitchen is still half done!.  It’s just a matter of having the time and energy to decorate.   It’s one of those jobs I really have to be in the mood for,  and at the moment I just can’t summon the enthusiasm for it. But I know I’ll just have a moment at somepoint and go mad painting – always happens like that 🙂

The garden however has been calling me and I’ve spent loads of time out there weeding – seriously our brambles take over if you don’t jump on them as soon as they come up and I’ve been planting up sweetpeas which should be looking glorious in about six weeks.  All I need to do now is take on the horsehair weeds in the front now, they are just evil and get everywhere!  But I have to get out there when my hay fever isn’t going mad, which it is for the first time today – argh runny eyes!

Okay got to go but I promise not to leave it for so long next time!

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  1. Great pic, Liz. So pleased to hear you’re getting LGPC paint! You’ll have to post a picture for us when it’s done…

  2. Gracious Liz…you are sooo busy! WOw – you are making us weary 🙂
    A Summer off…well, maybe not – after all you will be painting & gardening! We’ve been trying to finish planting, weeding our homes between rain storms lately. Be sure to take a picture of your sweet peas when they are looking fabulous! (and good luck with those horsehair weeds – yikes! they do sound evil!!)

  3. Hi Liz! I know exactly what you mean about trying to work whilst kids home. Currently I have the entire family home! The joy! Beautiful garden you’ve got there!

  4. Aww, I am really really looking forward to meeting you too! Thanks so much for your gorgeous designs and for all of your help and for bearing with the 1000 emails I sent you! See you July 3rd!!
    Maria x

  5. Great jobs as Always, cant wait to see what you have done for Cass. I think they are all fab. I am lucky to count you as a friend. Enjoy the summer off I think you are doing the right thing. I hope to be able to find that balance once I start work (if I ever find a job that it). Must crack on with the craft stuff, you never know!!

  6. Gorgeous work, Liz!
    Our brambles have taken over a corner of our garden, and I’m trying to summon up the courage to attack them. And yes, working from home with children is impossible. I end up doing a bad job of being a mummy and not working as well as I’d like. I think I’ll do the same, and take the summer off.

    1. It’s so hard, and it’s not fair on her – I get all distracted and then she gets bored. Good luck with your brambles!

  7. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job…I look forward to seeing all your new projects. :0) xx