Alice in Wonderland Review

As one of Disney’s Blu Ray ambassadors I had my copy of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ through a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to review it ever since.

We all know the story of Alice and how she visits Wonderland as a little girl. Well this is fast forward 10 years and she’s now a young woman, who should marry the ‘right’ man who’s been chosen for her. She spots the white rabbit, and runs away from her marriage proposal and falls back down the hole to Wonderland.

Let’s face it Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland are made for each other and this film is visually stunning. Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen is fabulous I just love her. Jonny Depp’s Madhatter is in turn funny and sinister (but can’t that man just look pretty in a film for a change?!?!), and Mia Wasikowska as Alice is just a brilliant young actress.

But as lovely as it looks, stellar cast etc, I think maybe this is a film that only works in the cinema, it would have been great in 3D!. You know when you watch some films and they just don’t hold your attention when you’re at home,  but would have if you were in the cinema – it’s one of those.  But if you are a lover of the Alice stories or Tim Burton films it’s well worth a watch here’s a little clip.

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{The Gallery} Week 17 – Emotions

Tara’s theme this week is ‘Emotions’.  You know what I’ve sat down five time to write this and I couldn’t find the words, so this picture sums up how I feel at the moment.  So far this year we’ve lost two of my lovely Aunts,  a much loved Great Grandma,  and last Saturday my beloved Uncle.   This is dedicated to all of them, we miss you all so much x

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{Blog Tips} Adding badges

In my previous post I taught you how to make Headers and Badges, well now here is how to add them to sidebars and even under the header. Us geeky types like to pretend that coding is the most complex thing in the world – but you know what it doesn’t have to be.  You can make it work for you and get it to do what you want, you just need a bit of patience and confidence.

You’ll see over on my right hand side bar I have this

This is actually made up of seven images and links out to my RSS Feed, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Linked in and Google Reader accounts.  Click on any of those and you can subscribe, and see what else I’m up to.  I made the little ‘Find me at’ Image but the social media buttons I downloaded from one of the thousands of sites that offers free social media buttons. I could make some but frankly it’s faffing about I don’t have time for and I like these ones they are simple and clean.

I also have this at the moment as I’m off to CyberMummy this weekend

And you know what the same code produced these images in my sidebar, I know you can use image widgets but these give you more flexibility and control as to how your site looks.

So here’s what you do:

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Happy Friday

This weekend I’ll be watching the IT Crowd, repainting the lounge, watching the finale of Dr Who, and will be drinking lots of Pimms!  I’ll also be writing some blogging ‘how to’ posts for the next couple of weeks, if I get the time.  So have a great weekend and see you Monday x

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You know sometimes you see something and you’re so taken with it, it’s all you can think about.  I’ve had that for the last week.  I was reading Modish ( it’s great blog btw go and check it out!) when I spotted her…..I give you Constance.

How gorgeous?

I think Violet Posy Design needs an office and it needs to look just like this.  Sadly for me she’s not for sale, but she is for rent for photoshoots via Snailtrail

But if you like the idea of a retro holiday and you want to hire something beautiful Snailtrail rent and sell VW Campers such as Betty and her Friends as a former VW owner (‘Ruby’ the 1972 Beetle) I have still have bit of a soft spot for them.

Check out their Flickr Photostream here for lots of fantastic photos.

(all photos with the kind permission of Snailtrail)

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Street to School

I’m a passionate believer in education improving people’s lives.  My parents were little more than teenagers when they had me, but worked really hard and encouraged me to do well at school, which meant I was the first person in our family to go to University.  As a result there is no question that our lives as a family have been improved by the education and how different our lives would have been otherwise.

So I’m very pleased to support the ‘Tell Us Your Story’ campaign, which encourages kids who have dropped out of education and haven’t been supported, off the streets and back into education.

Over to them:

This campaign gives people the opportunity to recognise and reward others who have made a positive impact on their lives or in their community over the past year. Entries are submitted online at

Launched by Aviva, for every entry they will donate £1 to the Street to School Programme – a global initiative with the aim of reaching 500,000 children worldwide, helping them get off the streets and back into education.

A weekly prize of £1000 will also be awarded to the local hero that captures the hearts of visitors to the site and receives the most votes.  One overall winner will be chosen by a celebrity judging panel for a prize worth £10,000.

If you’d like to take part and recognise someone in your community, join in!

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Tuesday Link Love

Do you like my Peonies?  They are slowly dying back so I’m making the most of them while they are still here – but I have vases of them everywhere, which isn’t really helping my hay-fever but never mind 🙂

I’m feeling a bit lazy ,so as it’s been a good week for blog posts on my Google reader I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.  Google Reader has been especially fantastic, now I have not only my best friend Patricia sharing items with me but both Nat and Kat from Bambino Goodies, Heather from Notes from Lapland and Marianne Consten from Le Temps Jardis and a few others as well.  So all sorts of good stuff ends up in my reader – thanks ladies!

Here’s my round up of favourites this week, I hope you enjoy them!

Home & Style

Alvhem Inspiration @ Decor8  – fabulous looking homes I want to paint my house white now!

Hands Up if You Recycle @ Frugal Mum – great post about how far something that’s recycled goes

Selling you Home – Make a Website @ The Nester – Genius idea & you can do a better job than most estate agents!

Roddy & Ginger in Print  @ Roddy & Ginger – Just a gorgeous home and deserves to be in a book.

Twilight Themed Wedding@ Bobby Robin – actually very cool and tasteful and BobbyRobin’s site is lovely.

My Craft Room @ Songbird – I would adore to have any of these spaces to myself, they are lucky women!

Janne Peters Photography @Decor8 – just beautiful


Organizing Your Children’s Books @ Organizing Your Way – rapidly becoming my favourite blog I need some organization!

When Things Stay the Same@Remodelling this Life – Beautiful thoughtful post as only Emily can write.

Father’s Day @Post Secret – poignant and beautiful at the same time


Glamping @ Stories of A-Z – I wish my garden had any of these little napping spots


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins @ ThinkVitamin – all of these are brilliant

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{The Gallery} Week 16 – Creatures

Tara at Sticky Fingers is in Florida this week (so jealous! :)) and inspired by visiting Seaworld her subject for The Gallery this week is ‘Creatures’ – over to Tara –

‘And so this week the theme is: Creatures.They don’t have to be exotic like the ones I’ve met today – there is beauty to be had in the bugs in our back garden, the pets in our homes or the animals we encounter in zoos, wildlife parks or in the wild.’

I did think about putting some of my Seaworld photos in but frankly I’m far too in love with the creature that lives with us Betty!!  So you know how some people are baby bores, I am a dog bore – she is just so adorable.  So I’ve also thrown in some video with the pictures so you can have a cute puppy fix.

This is Betty the day we chose her – look how tiny she is in Paul’s hand!

But then she grew and grew, and grew some more until she was a giant dog who thinks she’s still small! Her favourite things in the world are milk first thing in the morning, apples from the garden, belly rubs and lying on or next to me.  Here’s Betty over the last nearly three years.

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If you love the look of Hipstamatic there is a new kid on the block – CameraBag

Much like Hipstamatic you can add filters to your photographs but you can add them either to photos as you take them or afterwards – which is very, very handy!  Below are a few of the looks you can achieve.

You can buy it either as an iPhone App from the App Store for £1.99 or for those of you who don’t own an iPhone you can download it for $19 to your PC or Mac.

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Sports Day

We’ve just gotten home from our last infants school sports day, and it was so much fun if a little rainy.

Miss L got two second places in her races (I may have screamed a lot in them both LOL!)  and her House came second, pipped to the post by one point!

They all had a marvellous time and I got to see for the last time my favourite race which is the sibling race when the older children run with their baby brothers and sisters – they are always so kind to them and help them along, they’re parents should all be very proud of such kind children.  I really will miss infants.

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CyberMummy Meet and Greet

Carly over at Mummy’s Shoes came up with a great idea of everyone introducing themselves if they were going to CyberMummy in July.  So we know what everyone looks like and for what blog they write for.

So here’s mine:

Name:   Liz Grayson
Blog:   Violet Posy (
Twitter ID:   @violetposy
Height:   5ft 4
Hair:   Longish dark brown bob
Eyes:   Green/Hazel
Likes:   Technology, Shabby Chic, Cath Kidston, Monsoon, Shopping and has a massive magazine collection. Life long techie and bit of a sci fi geek.

I like to think I’ll be wearing a Maxi Dress to Cybermummy but you’re more likely to find me in T-Shirt, Jeans and Converse with a glass of wine in my hand and an iPad in the other 🙂

Look forward to meeting you all!

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Children and Body Image

My beautiful girl is 7 and the questioning of her body image has already started.  I started having a few ‘I’ll skip tea Mum’, ‘I won’t have a biscuit, I’m on a diet’ from her.  When I questioned her gently about it she said that she wanted to be skinner – seriously she’d disappear if that happened!.  Trust me we are not a diet obsessed family, healthy eating and moderation are the order of the day here and I don’t think I have ever used the word ‘diet’ in front of her.

But this doesn’t seem to be isolated to just my daughter.   I read on Frugal Family that her seven year old daughter was saying similar things, which she also dealt with in a very sensitive and sensible way.   But I find it just terrifying, I don’t remember worrying about my body or what I looked like until I was well into my teens.

When I sat down with Miss L and discussed why she thought being skinny was good, she said she’d seen models and stars in photos both in magazine and online that were thin so it must be good. So much for me not buying fashion magazines – that didn’t work! 

Thankfully Miss L has used photoshop on my laptop, so I explained that people don’t really look like that but are enhanced to look like it.  Here’s a really good youtube video showing before & after shots of celebs to show how they have been changed for photos and how no one actually ever looks that perfect.

After we looked at this,  we got a photo of me and I let her play with it and ‘photoshop’ it and she saw that the whole thing isn’t real.  I see it as media education she now knows not to believe everything she sees in the media as being ‘true’ and ‘real’.

We’ve now made it into a game and if she sees a photoshopped picture now she shouts ‘fake’. She then has to explain what they could have changed on the photo – I rather like this game it’s actually quite fun.  Since then I’ve stopped getting food refusals and she’s eating normally and healthily again 🙂  But it worries me that there are little girls out there worrying about their looks having such an unrealistic set of expectations at such a tender age.

Have you had the same problem or come across this with your children?

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