iPad Review

I had to end my non blogging break for this review.

So this is my first post from my iPad and the first time I’ve been able to get near it since it arrived! Miss L’s been on it since she arrived home from school, it really is great for small kids who are used to touch screen whiteboards and iPhones.

But it’s more than a giant iPhone or iPad, it’s a new way to consume media. I can actually see us getting another one when the price comes down as it a much more family friendly/sharing than either of our laptops, and miles ahead of Miss L’s net book which cost the same amount – really wish we’d not bothered with that now.

It does have some drawbacks, the lack of being able to have multiple user accounts is the main one. We’ve gotten round it by setting up our email accounts separately on the email app, and by having our own bookmark folders. But for larger families and ones with older kids that will be a real pain. And the keyboard, well you have to get used to it again! I think if it was our main household machine I’d get the keyboard and dock.

But on the plus side iBooks is amazingly good and there are lots of free classic books on it. The controls are very I intuitive. The app store does have some very, very cool looking apps and the iWork suite (like Microsoft Office) is just £5.99 a product, which for anyone whose bought Office will know is a bargain! I like that that you can lock the machine so it doesn’t turn sideways etc when you don’t want it too, like my iPhone sometimes does.

It feels like the future, not a phone, or a laptop something completely different. For older silver surfers, children and those that just want to surf, game and do the odd mail it is perfect. Miles better than anything else in it’s price range. I’m sure it also has a home in front line services like in hospitals and for the police when the prices comes tumbling down over the next couple of years.

I tried to do a mini review and put it on you tube but the powers that be wouldn’t publish it – it was nice as well! So you’ll have to make do with Miss L playing Angry Birds on it – sorry!

Update – You Tube let it through – so here’s my slightly crap vlog

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  1. I would love one, maybe one day. Maxi loves angry birds. He is so much more tech savy than I am and spends a lot of time on the iphone or the ipod touch.

  2. I want one, but I’m still not sure if I’d find it useful. The keyboard thing puts me off. Is it big enough to write a blog post easily or would it be a little annoying? I love my mac and I know it will be fabulous. I may just have to have a go on one. It is beautiful though. Fab review young lady.

    1. If you’re just doing small posts say like the one above it’s doable, but they keyboard is a bit different from the iPhone which is throwing me at the moment. But if you’re going to do more typing it’s better to get the keyboard I think. Go and have a try and see what you think 🙂 x

  3. I love them too! I don’t think they will replace a laptop, but for general surfing and anything that needs a presentation screen they are fab! Like a big iPhone (without the phone bit 😉

    1. It doesn’t replace a laptop, but I still think for the majority of users it’ll be all they need – i.e people like my Dad 😉

  4. it’s amazing to see your daughter using and playing with the ipad so naturally. For all its faults and lack of features, the interface is truly superb…

  5. Thanks for the review. You’ve convinced me more then anything else I’ve read so far.
    Well, first a Mac Mini and maybe an Ipad later. As you say, they may become cheaper after a while.
    BTW It is amazing how well Lily handles the iPad.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I looooooooove it, and I so want one. But having spent £850 on my new fridge this week, I think it won’t be imminent!!!!!

  7. I already know I’m going to love it…..want one…want one!
    Arghhh…angry birds- I was playing that in bed last night trying to get past level 4! had to stop because of arm ache in the end. ;0)

  8. It sounds great. Not sure I’m manage without a standard keyboard. Alhtough in five years time kids will probably we wondering what on earth a keyboard was!

  9. thanks for the review Liz – was just asking hubby what does the ipad do – then come onto your site and you have answered it for me – not sure it is something would use now – but maybe when cheaper might get one…


  10. Nice review. I got an iPad recently, it’s a good device although it would be great if it had certain features such as a camera for example. For what it is the price could also be a bit cheaper. I got mines free, don’t think I would spend all that money for one but that’s just my opinion. The price will go down when similar products hit the market and there is more competition.

    If your are worried about the lack of features then it’s probably best to wait for the 2nd gen iPad, getting the 1st gen of anything is not always a good idea. The 2nd gen will most likely have all or most of the features that is missing at the moment.

    The device is not bad and depending what you want it for it can be very useful. It’s very convenient and is great for browsing the internet, going on Facebook etc, and my younger brother loves using it. It’s not really a replacement for your laptop, but like you said for most users it will probably all they will need.

  11. *is racked with want*

    Great review of the precious thing – it does look so tactile and I love the book function. I shall get my mitts on one today. We are off to soft play and my friend is bringing her iPad along. I am geekily excited – just can’t wait to skitter my fingers over the glass. Sadly, vicarious iPadding is all I can hope for!

  12. I would absolutely love one, but I can’t quite decide if it would be practical enough. Do you actually do some of your design work on it as well? Or just use it for writing & surfing? On my PC I’m constantly switching between photo editing applications and the web and I just don’t know how well it would cope with that – would be useful to know how you’ve got on.

    BTW we are going to have a section on the revamped site with reviews of iphone / ipad apps for kids – let me know if your kids have some faves & if you’d like to review a few with links back to your blog.

    1. No I can’t do design work on it which is a real pain. It’s more like having a moving newspaper, they’ll be brilliant when they drop below £200. I think it’s better than a netbook though just for emailing and surfing. I’d love to do some reviews, we have tons of apps so just let me know 🙂