{The Gallery} Week 12 – Self Portrait

I’ve had a very manic week, so please forgive the lack of blogging.   In fact I’m going to have a  mini blogging break.  In between working, and childcare I’ve got nothing done round the house for weeks and it’s starting to look like it!  The kitchen is still half done, I’ve had sweetpeas ready to plant for a month now, Paul is muttering about redecorating the lounge, I can’t see Miss L’s bedroom floor and the washing….well there is a *lot*  So this will be my last post for a couple of weeks – I hope no one minds?.

Anyway back to The Gallery, Tara’s come up with a cracker.  Most of us hide behind our online persona’s and it’s scary putting yourself out there.  But I love the inspiration behind this week:

‘The theme is actually inspired by Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy who wrote something that really touched me a few weeks ago and I want to ‘celebrate’ it through The Gallery.  On tenterhooks yet? She wrote about photographs of her mum, who died when Laura was just 9. For someone who has been voted in the Funnest Blog category of The MADS, she sure made me catch my breath with that post! She wrote: “Luckily I have photos, quite a few in fact. I don’t just look at the photos, I pore over them I wonder what she was thinking, doing, wearing … just any glimpse of anything that makes me feel a bit closer to her. Now that I am a mother they mean even more to me . . . “‘

She’s right most of us are behind the camera taking photos of our children, I know there are about 150 pictures of Miss L for every one of me! So here goes – me, taken a couple of weeks ago with the iPhone Hipstamatic App.
Have a great couple of weeks!
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  1. Lovely to ‘see’ you in a big picture! I do hope you enjoy your break but come back soon ‘cos we will miss you!

  2. Lovely pic 🙂 Hubster & I were going through those old ones on FB…hilarious!
    Enjoy your catch up time, you will feel so much better being on top of things.
    Love to all x

  3. Nice photo and thank for introducing me to the hipstamatic app, have downloaded it to my phone and love it…enjoy your break.

  4. You look so VERY HAPPY! That’s delightful. I’m looking forward to the day when Little Miss can take pics of ME! 😉 Have a great break, lovely! Can’t wait to see you again in July!

  5. Gorgeous friendly smile! Lovely photo…I need an iphone now for that app! I will have to pinch hubbie’s. Enjoy your bloggy break. x

  6. Great pic – you have such a lovely smile! We’re a bit like that with our cats (not quite children I know!). When we look at my OH’s iphone photos are there are far more of them than there are of us… unfortunately I’m not as cute as they are 😉 Enjoy your break x

  7. A really lovely picture 😀

    I’m only just now getting round to visiting everyone! It was my first Gallery this week – sure picked a great one to start with!

  8. There you are! What a lovely pic! BTW I should take a look at that app.
    I hope you are having a nice break! See you when you get back.