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Yes I know it’s another gadget, and you know we probably don’t need it but we pre-ordered an iPad on Monday – yay!

I’m going to be really interested in seeing how we use it and what we use it for.  Paul and I already rarely get out our laptops anymore for reading the news, blogs, and google readers –  we use our iPhones.  The same applies to gaming. Miss L tends to use our iPhones for playing games on now, rather than her Nintendo DS which is handy for us. I’d far rather buy a 59p game than something that’s £20 and she then doesn’t like/play with ever again *Brain Training I’m looking at you*.

So now I need somewhere to house my new little beauty…sorry I mean ‘our’ little beauty 🙂

As usual the offical cases are well – man like and dull as hell, so I’ve been scouring Etsy for something to store it in and there are some lovely cases on there.

All of these sellers are in the US, but ship internationally thankfully!

First up is Sea Side Sew their cases are handmade, padded and  water resistant.  They have an amazing selections of fabrics to choose from, just ask to see the selection.  They are sending me one to review, so expect a follow up post in a few weeks.

Picture 99

Picture 100

The Wallaby Bag Company – use foam padding and are scotch guarded to prevents stains, they also have a handy front pocket.

Picture 101Picture 102

Blythe King makes these fantastic recycled vintage fabric iSockits

Picture 103

Picture 104

Janine King Designs have made some really cute bags to house the iPad

Picture 105

And these beautiful sleeves, which have space for power cords and phone/keys etc.

Picture 106

All of these fabulous stores have covers for Kindles, Notepads, Laptop, iPhone and Blackberries.  So pop over have a look!

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  1. Oh I’m so jealous, maybe now I’m back at work might be able to save up for one ;), love the 2nd 2 cases too. When I saw the Cath Kidston i phone cases made me want one of those more than ever too!

  2. Cheers, Liz. Lovely selections – love Etsy! I saw a guy with an iPad at the airport earlier in the week and found myself staring at it – what a geek I am. Sure looked handy. So slim. Compact. Neat. Want…

    1. I was fine until I saw someone in our local Starbucks and then I knew I had to have one too – it was an expensive coffee!

  3. I would love to make one for you. I can even use a speical iron on thing to make the fabric waterproof, kind of making it like an oil cloth on the outside. That way you could pick the fabric you wanted. Let me know, it would be a nice challenge.

  4. Really really like the sound of an ipad……:0) I’m sure you will tell us what it’s like?
    Those cases are gorgeous. :0)

  5. I love the retro look of these, I bought a neoprene case for for my asus by Built at the aiport before we went away at Easter. It’s really great for keeping the cover scratchfree. I’m looking forward to getting and iPad too!