{The Gallery} Week 11 – Men

Tara’s subject this week is a lovely one – ‘The theme is: Men. Pictures of the men in your life – dads, sons, uncles, teachers, partners, brothers. Let’s hear it for the men!’  I love this topic as I’m not the most girlie girl (having worked in IT forever should be a clue) so apart from the main men in my life Grandad, Dad and Paul most of my friends are men and some of them would kill me if I put them on my blog (you know who you are!) so I’ll put on the ones I know won’t mind.

First up my wonderful husband Paul, I still don’t know how he puts up with me but he does 🙂  We’ve been together ten years and married eight years this year and feels like about five minutes – he’s just a joy to be married too.  This is Paul in Ireland on a trip to see my Nan just after we got engaged, it was a fantastic trip and yes we drank a lot of Guinness!.

Next my Dad Alex.  I am such a Daddy’s girl – I love him so much and he’s been such a brilliant Dad to not only me but half my friends and he is officially the best Grandad ever. The photo is of him and Miss L when she was a baby – as you can tell they are kindred spirits.
And then my Grandad, Arthur – this was taken in World War II. I adored him, he died when I was six but the memories I have of him are of the perfect granddad. He and my Nan looked after me pretty much full time from when I was 4 months old and my Mum went back to work and Dad was working away.  He was the one that took me to school, ballet classes and to the cinema. I still miss him and I wish I’d had him longer.
And last but not least my best male friend – Alvin. We met…you know I can’t remember how we met, only that we met in the first couple of weeks of Sixth Form College – we were both stalking the same boy – he has great taste in men too!.  So we’ve been friends now for a scary 22 years!  In our twenties we had flats near each other, travelled together and partied together.  Despite time moving on and our lives being totally different, and me moving away.  I always know that I can phone him at 4 am and he’d be there – and vice versa. This photo was taken in 1993 on my first day at Uni (looking terrified!) when he helped me move into my room, carting all my stuff up eight flights of stairs – I still owe him for that! 🙂
first day of Uni 1993
And as a little side I’d also like to congratulate Tara on being a nominee for The MAD awards in the category Best Photography category along with:

Her fellow nominees are:
Carrots and Kids
Congratulations to them all!!
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  1. Im loving watching all these pictures. I wish I had time to check them all in the gallery. Your three men seem awesome.

  2. Lovely lovely photos VP. But the HAIR! You have so much hair. Fabulous that you have someone like that in your life (and photos to remember it by)

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I thought that you would own a Mac (since you also own a iPhone). I am trying to find out if my favourite software is available for Mac. Unfortunately Live Writer (which I use for my blog) isn’t, but I still have my laptop with Vista.
    Take care,

  4. My Grandad was the bestest firend i ever had and I adored him. Yours sound so wonderful too and your dad looks gorgeous. I lost my daddy before my kids were born and it breaks my heart they never new him. So happy for you your dad got to be grandad. Lovely photos

  5. bit behind with my post reading but i saw this and loved it. i can confirm that your dad was an amazing 2nd dad to me, he taught me a lot and for that I will always be grateful. He is amazing (as is your mum but we arent talking about the women in our life!). I still remember words of wisdom he gave me!!

    1. Sez, that is the loveliest thing to say ever thank you, you’ll make his day you know that! I know they both miss you still and always ask after you xxx