How to make Pimms

Here’s how to make Pimms is my favourite summer drink, and I have to say I make an absolutely cracking one!. It’s really easy to make for a BBQ or a summer dinner party here’s my version

You will need:

A large jug


A bottle of Pimms

White Lemonade (the clear stuff)

Strawberries – sliced



Cucumber – sliced.

Tall Glasses

  • Half fill the jug with ice and put the Pimms in – about 3 -4 inches worth.
  • Pop in the sliced cucumber, strawberries, raspberries, and mint.
  • Add the Lemonade to the top of the jug and mix everything together with a spoon.
  • Have a quick taste and add more Pimms if needed.
  • Serve in your chilled glasses make sure there is fruit and ice in each one add some straws and Enjoy!
  • If you have time before your gathering, a nice idea is to put the Pimms in the jug along with the fruit and leave it to soak in the fridge for about an hour, then add the ice and lemonade just before serving.  It adds extra taste to the drink but I never remember to do it!

If you’d like to know more about the drinks’ history and some more ways of making it click here

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  1. Yum! Okay, now what is Pimm’s? I’ve not heard of it before.

    PS~Erin’s last blog post..Monday Meal Planning: My NEW Planner!

  2. APW – It really is refreshing, with the mint and cucumber 🙂

    Erin – I guess it’s really a cocktail, so it’s gin based with some other goodies in it. But it’s very refreshing and tasty on a summer’s evening 🙂

  3. Tina – Enjoy sweetie!

    Callie – apparently you can now get it in some liqour stores in the US, so see if you can score some – maybe they can order it in?

    Kitchen Girl – give it a try, trust me you’ll love it as much as we all do 🙂

    Caroline – Lemon – nice! I like it with lemons, oranges and mint that works really well too.

    Anne – No I haven’t, it sounds gorgeous but I might be sloshed in a short time. But I’ll give it a go this summer 🙂

    1. Umm it taste more like Gin and Lemonade with a herby extra ingredient. It’s a spirt rather than a wine, very hard to describe – anyone else have a better description??

  4. I love a Pimm’s Cup!! I fell in love on a trip to London. It’s so rare to see in the U.S. … but at my favorite bar in New Orleans — the Napoleon House — it’s the house specialty. Almost worth the trip right there.

    laura @ the shore house’s last blog post..A kazoo is not a toy.

  5. I prefer it with soda as its not so sweet, or ive also had it with ginger ale which is also fantastic! My fav. summertime drink is a sangria – yummy. OH makes a fantastic one – i think its the dash of brandy that helps!!

  6. I am so glad you posted this!! i was thinking of you the other day when I was working on my out line for guest blogging over at Le Papier…. you and pimms will be in a post very soon my friend!
    So happy it is summer, perfect time for a pimms cup!