Cath Kidston for Geek Girls

For years I’ve found it impossible to find decent ‘girlie’ bags for laptops – there are some on the market but they are either not that well made, the evil pink, or are just really expensive. So I was really pleased to see that Cath Kidston have bought out a range of new laptop bags and other gadget holders.

(The images in this post link through to Cath Kidston and are affliate links. So I make a whopping 5% of any sale, if you are nice enough to buy something – thank you :))

But onto the pretties! Β For laptops they have bags and sleeves:



There is also a cute little case for iPods or a digital camera

or this one for a digital camera


Also massive thank you to Heather at Younger and Younger for pointing these out to me on Twitter – Cath Kidston iPhone and iTouch cases!.Β  I’m going to break my ‘no cases’ rule for these, I love the mini roses one!.

And for you Blackberry, Nokia and Android ladies there are a selection of holders, the one below is for the Blackberry.

Well done Cath Kidston, now if more companies can follow that would be amazing.

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  1. my MacBook is often housed in Cath Kidston laptop bag and my ds lives in the Cath Kidston ds case, my iPod touch however doesn’t have a Cath Kidston case however, but i can see that being rectified very soon. also next to me is cup of tea in Cath Kidston mug. I fear I may need an intervention.

    1. LOL! Just a bit…..she says drinking out of one of the many Cath Kidston mugs in the house πŸ˜‰

    1. The lovely one you bought me isn’t a bag it’s more of a collector for keeping them all in the lounge – it’s great I can get all three in there πŸ™‚ So I still need a pretty bag x

      iPad is coming as soon as they are released in the UK which is the end of the month – woo hoo!

  2. I adore the ipod covers and yes I am a geek. I could alsways make you a mackbook cover you pick with cath fabric you like and I will quilt it for you.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’d love to have am Iphone case. I don’t want to pay 10 pounds for shipping though πŸ˜‰