{The Gallery} – Paint a picture of the world we live in

Tara has come up with another amazing Gallery idea this week – ‘Paint a picture of the world we live in’ – The hidden bits, the bits you feel are special and people should know about. The bits people wouldn’t necessarily see. It could be a picture of where you live. Somewhere you love to visit. Somewhere you’ve been on holiday. Somewhere you want to return to.

So mine is totally unsurprisingly British Columbia, Canada and more specifically Salt Spring Island.  In 1995 when I first started doing my family tree I met an older couple on the internet, who were related to my Nan and they lived on Salt Spring Island.  We didn’t keep in contact (letter writing isn’t my strong suit!) but the name of where they lived stuck with me. So when we were planning our trip to Vancouver and Victoria on Vancouver Island, I kind of dropped a mini diversion to Salt Spring Island in.

We got the ferry to Vancouver Island and then another ferry to Saltspring for the day and it was just stunning.  The island itself isn’t massive and there is only really one big town. But it’s the kind of place that is chilled, relaxed with kind friendly locals. It was one of the highlights of our holiday and next time I’d like to spend more time there and try to get to a couple of the other islands as well, as it’s such a stunning area.


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    1. Snapped with my trusty iPhone believe it or not. But you can’t take a bad picture of the place it’s stunning 🙂

  1. What beautiful pictures, I love the contrast of water to hill and the feeling of stillness to activity. We talk about venturing to Canada….I’ll have to keep this little gem in the back of my mind.

  2. Canada’s something else isn’t it? I was this close to emigrating there in 1997…. lovely photos – not got the urge to fly over there at all (much!)

  3. Looks fabulous. I’d love to explore North America, I’ve only ever been to New York City which was amazing, but I know there’s so much more to see.

  4. The bottom left picture looks like what I imagine Anne of Green Gables house to look like. I know PEI is on the other side of Canada, but it’s an evocative picture with the little while farm and the hills behind. Lovely.