Words of Wisdom – Martha Style

Karin over at Cafe Bebe has challenged a few of us to come up with some Martha Stewart style words of wisdom for running a home. Now as anyone who knows me I have no wisdom whatsoever, but occasionally I do have fantastic ideas!  But I adore Martha, so here are my best ideas, I hope they live up to her standard.

Living Lettuce


Since reading this article in The Independent newspaper (short version 50g bag of lettuce takes 50 litres of water to produce) I buy £1 living lettuces from Waitrose.   I then keep them on the window sill, watered until we need them or alternatively pot them up in the garden.  That way they last longer and it’s better for the environment.

Kilner Jars


Kilner jars, I’ve become obsessed with them!.  Before I discovered their genius was buying packets of porridge (L lives on it in the mornings) and they were £1.90 a packet and I’d get 10 small breakfasts out of them.  But since my discovery of kilner jars, I’m buying the 32p Waitrose own porridge oats and getting about 14 breakfasts out of them. The jars come from our local hardware store and are about £2. And now I have flour, rice, coffee, you name it if I can get it in a kilner jar it’s there!

Cleaning Carry All


I bought this tin carry all to tidy up my cleaning cupboard, but it’s also brilliant for carrying all my cleaning equipment round the house. I don’t forget anything and any spills are contained.  Love it!

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    1. The kilner jars came from my local old school hardware store – they sell everything! They’re about £2 for that medium size.

  1. i grow my own lettuce and also buy the tray stuff too!! Love the cleaning product bucket idea.

  2. I love these totally useful things. I grow salad every summer because it just goes off in the bags. The living lettuce looks lush and lovely. Very summery. Hmmmm home words of wisdom. How about – R E S P E C T that is what home means to me. Respect it… don’t jump off the sofas, don’t wipe your face on the curtains and put your dishes in the dishwasher. I suppose that’s not very marthaey.

    1. Very wise words of wisdom – we are all about respect here, no jumping on sofas or writing on walls! Nice suggestion x

  3. Am so going to start growing some lettuces that’s a fab idea!
    I am a sucker for household tips, I even have Anthea’s how to be a perfect house wife!
    I put cotton wool with lavendar oil on it in the hoover cylinder!

  4. I love the living lettuce. I try herbs but they mainly die on me very quickly but I do have some well lasted basil at the mo so I’ll have to get some lettuce and hope I don’t kill it!

  5. Now, we just love that lettuce idea! Fantastic Liz – Martha couldn’t have done it so well 🙂
    Those jars are wonderful – they’d make anyone look organized & thrifty too – good one! Your last tip – well, great minds think alike – this weekend I was cleaning out my hall closet & trying to make everything as organized as possible (ya right!!) and I went out and purchased two containers to carry around all of those cleaning supplies (It’s so nice not having tons of bottles all over – they are all in one spot!!)
    Have a great week Liz!