Google Streetmap & History

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Just about everyone by now has been using Google Streetmap to see their house, house they grew up in etc.  Well last night it occurred to me I could see my ancestors homes from the comfort of my sofa!  I have the census records for a fair few and unfortunately the first few I looked up were in London and must have been cleared after the war so were long gone.  But then I struck gold.

Here’s a picture of my Great Grandmother and her adopted daughter standing outside her home in Kensington London in I guess the 1920’s (love the plants in the front yard!) and then the same address now on Google StreetMap. You can just see the door under the stairs where she was standing. Nice to see plants in the neighbours front yards like she had.

Picture 73

Picture 74

So if you have any census information check out the addresses, it’s really nice to see where your ancestor lived.

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  1. liz that is brilliant! i love it 😉 im def. going to do that as a lot of mine are from up north!