The Gallery – Seven Deadly Sins

Tara at Sticky Fingers sure knows how to set a hard Gallery!  I’ve been wracking my brains and going through all my pictures to find something suitable for the topic ‘7 Deadly Sins’.  This is a little bit lame but it incompasses a few of mine Lust – because I love it so much, Envy – because I envy anyone who lives there, Greed – because it doesn’t matter how many times I go there, I want to go again.  I give you Vancouver!


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  1. Ohhhh now that’s a sin I can relate to, especially in this circumstance. I’ve not been to Vancouver, but have been to Canada and want to go back and do it “properly”.

    Definitely lust and envy in this fantastic picture!

    1. Jay, it’s really beautiful there you could take some wonderful photos – it has amazing light. Get there if you ever can!