Maxi Love

I am a uniform girl, jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and Converse in the winter. In the summer it’s always really long skirts or dresses, with Merrells or Converse. I know it’s lazy but I’ve gotten to the age where it’s stick to what you look good/are comfortable in, I don’t have the time to spend hours shopping anymore. However the last couple of years long skirts have been out of fashion so imagine my delight at the weekend when I spotted not only long skirts but maxi dresses as well in a couple of my favourite online stores.

Picture 63

Monsoon – as always a bit more expensive but so pretty.

Picture 64

Summer is coming and I’ll be ready with my Maxi Dresses!

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  1. As you know, I’m planning a trip to Dotty P’s to get those plain maxis! But I love the Monsoon version you’ve shown here, too. They’re going to be my uniform too. Sod it, life needs to be simplified wherever possible, uniforms help!

  2. Oh these are lovely. I need some new summer clothes too. I love long floaty skirts or linen trousers and vests in the summer. I feel a shopping trip coming on 🙂

  3. Trust me to like the most expensive one on the page! I am definitely going to invest in a maxi this summer. I wanted one last year, but was massively pregnant so didn’t bother. I shall treat myself this year.


  4. Rat bag! You have reminded me again that my clothes shrunk over the winter & I need to get some new ones! Hee hee! They are lovely!

  5. Have to say I’m quite amused that maxi dresses have only come back in again this year – the last two summers I have as good as lived in a maxi dress I bought at Evans about three years ago!

  6. I’ve been contemplating getting a maxi dress but I’m worried it will make me look pregnant as opposed to feminine and ethereal! Would be lovely if they didn’t though, becuase they do cover a multitude of sins!!

  7. Lovely- I wish I could wear a long dress….for some reason I think they make me seem bigger than I am….I see them all the time on other people and think they look so cute….
    I’m sure you will look fab.