Cath Kidston Vinyl Flooring

Photo Credit: Cath Kidston/Harvey Maria
Photo Credit: Cath Kidston/Harvey Maria

I had my Cath Kidston affiliate newsletter this week (I make a whole 5% from any sales and I’m running at about £1.20 at the moment!) and was interested to see that they are bringing out a line of vinyl flooring with Harvey Maria.

I think for a small en-suite, laundry room or kids bathroom they could be quite good fun bringing some colour and interest to what are normally quite dull rooms.  They’re £39.95 on the Cath Kidston site but I can’t tell if that is per meter or for a pack of tiles?  But if I had an en-suite that rose one below would be on the floor asap!

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  1. I saw this and love them, lots, but alas money as always is the issue. if we ever recover the ensuite then I will petition my man, I would also love the cowboys one in the downstairs loo or better still she should do a sail one, then both my bathrooms and WC could have it!

    1. I only have one bathroom so I have no hope of using them, hubster would never go for it. But you’re right the sail pattern would work really well too. Good luck getting yours one day x

  2. Think it is per metre, we have a ickle bathroom upstairs in the loft conversion they would be perfect for, hmmmm 15% day, are they on the CK website yet, I couldnt find them last time I looked. Very pretty, And I so think would work well in a small space


    1. The Harvey Maria Site has it and it’s now on the Cath Kidston site has it too but you have to phone to order it. Good luck x

  3. Thanks Liz
    Ohooo no about having to telephone, I was hoping to order by midnight on the www, may have to telephone in the morning and ask very nicely X