Holiday Blogs

Picture 44When I go on holiday I don’t ever post on there that I’m going/where I’ll be/or pretty much anything else about it.

It’s mainly because if something awful happened like the house getting broken in while we’re away, I don’t really want to give my insurance company a reason not to pay up!  Telling the whole world you’ll be away would give them just cause – whether or not a burgler had read your blog or not!

What I’ve done for the last couple of holidays is to start a ‘hidden’ mini blog.  It acts as a diary for me, it lets my parents know that we’re ok and what we’re up to & a few other people I invite to view it’s a ‘virtual postcard’.  Also it’s really nice to look back on when you’ve been home a few months and want to relive your holiday.

So here’s how to do it:

1. Have you got a SmartPhone, laptop, iPad you are taking with you? iPhone is easiest to do this from.

2. Start a ‘hidden’ WordPress account.  So create a free account and in the Dashboard – Settings – Privacy choose these settings:

Picture 46

This hides you from the search engines but allows you to give the blog URL address to friends and family.  You can go for the ‘total’ private option below that but that limits you to 35 viewers (which is loads) but anyone you want to invite has to be a WordPress user with a WordPress login – which probably most people you know won’t have.

3. If you are using the iPhone to operate this, load the free WordPress App available on the App Store (also for iPad too now) and configure your app – add the username and password. And you are good to go, from the app you can write new posts, add photos and post. Just find some free wifi (Hotels, B&B’s, Coffee Shops & bars are my general favourite sources abroad) and you can blog your holiday.

If you are using a netbook or laptop to do it from you can just go in and do it from the usual website or post by email explained very well here

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Very good idea!
    Luckily I wont have to worry about that when I go, leaving parents and sister behind!
    Will be my first holiday on my own! Eeek!!

  2. I agree…even though we blog about a lot of life everyone doesnt need to know everything…sounds like you are like me….I don’t tell everything that I do and when and where.

  3. I do this too! It’s so lovely to look back over holidays from a couple of years ago and look at how the children have grown, and remember things they said and did. Much nicer than a pile of photos mouldering in an envelope waiting to make it into an album (which never happens round here!).

    1. Yay! I’m so pleased I’m not the only holiday blogger. That’s exactly why I do it, because otherwise it’s hard to remember what happened and the photos that went with it.

  4. I am going to be blogging during my trip to the UK this summer and I thought only of using Tumblr to post photos. Now you’ve got me wondering if it has a privacy feature. I was just going to email the link to only those I wanted to have it. Hadn’t thought of Thanks!

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