Rustic Dining

I have a new obsession…..very old farmhouse tables, it’s totally my friend Catherines’ fault.  She bought her massive one from an ad in our local newspaper for £15 and it’s just stunning it can seat at least 12 people!.   My love of farmhouse tables isn’t exactly new though, when we were teenagers my friend Sarah at Ginger and All Things Nice had the best ever old farmhouse table in her Mum’s kitchen and I utterly adored it.

So when Paul started talking about getting a new dining room table (mine was a 1940’s ‘temporary’ £5 car boot find about 13 years ago) I started thinking practicalities.   My old table as much as I love it, isn’t that useful anymore. You can only get two people round it comfortably as the middle legs are difficult to sit round and now Miss L has long legs it’s time to get a table with legs in the corners.  But I will find it a new life out in my new garden project (to be revealed soon!)

We’ve been looking for a *new* table for a while and I can’t find any I like and I’ve realised that what I don’t like about them is that they are well…  They don’t have any soul, and I can imagine what would happen if Miss L got paint/glue/glitter/pen on a brand new shiny, very expensive table. Frankly I can’t live with that level of stress, furniture is there for you – not the other way round!  I did find one at an antiques barn locally but by the time I got back with Paul to show him, it was gone.

Having looked online second hand they are really expensive, so I’m going to have to keep and eye on the local barns to find my perfect table – wish me luck!

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  1. Oh I am so with you on this one. I just can not be precious with furniture, I would have heart failure. Cover your old one in cheap oilcloth and then you will have a potting table. I lust after one of those as well!

  2. Keep the faith – remember my good fortune on eBay! Have you tried a wanted ad on your local Freecycle? Many generous folks out there who may have what you’re after but no longer need it themselves.

    1. Exactly yours was an utter bargain – I still love it 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on freecycle, ours tends to mainly be kids toys but worth a look x

  3. I once visited a house where they had used a beautiful old door as a table (on trestle legs). Have a look on ebay etc for things that aren’t necessarily tables. x

    1. Hmmm that’s really interesting, I will. I think I remember seeing something like that in Living Etc once, I’ll see if I can find a picture. Thanks x

  4. Some really good ideas on your comments – love the door cum table idea! We bought our kitchen table in the sales from Homebase & are making it our own….initially it didnt have any soul, but after a few months of dining, arts & crafts and just general wear & tear it is now beginning to have a bit of character! The best bit about it is I REALLY dont mind if it gets scratched or marked as it just adds to it all! Good luck finding your own gem 😉

    1. Your table is lovely! See if Paul had been looking at something like that I wouldn’t have minded so much, but he was looking at stuff that was about £1,500 can you imagine if Lil dropped paint all over it, he’d go mental! So I’m looking for something I can regularly sand down 😉

  5. Thanks for the plug lil! Ive been looking about a bit for myself and have obviously inherited my parents taste as i found a fantastic coffee table made from old reclaimed extra wide pine floorboards cut down to size with metal legs – it was mega mega expensive though so I let it go with the idea that i would make one myself! I trawl ebay on an almost daily basis and you’d be surprised what you can get as long as you are on a mission. I love the door as a table idea – you could see what you could find and get a local carpenter or joiner to make some legs? Dad used to rub ours down with wirewool then beeswax! Happy hunting!

    1. Wel your parents have the most amazing good taste – as do you! I still love that sofa they had that you could get five of us on 🙂 I’m on the hunt today, hitting the barns and ebay – will let you know how I get on xx