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It’s the Easter holidays so very kindly Disney have sent me a bunch of Blu-Rays Toy Story 1 & 2 and Dumbo to watch and review.  Now I think since Miss L was little I watched the Toy Story films a lot – as I’m sure you all have with your little ones. But in their Blu-Ray format they are stunning the computer animation just works brilliantly in hi-def.

If you don’t already own a DVD copy the Blu-ray is worth getting, even if it’s just for all the really cool extras – there are loads of cool mini film including one that explains how the space shuttle works and Buzz goes on the International Space Station! Very cool for geek mama *cough* and child 🙂

Having rewatched them again we’re now very excited about Toy Story 3 coming in the summer to the cinema.

Dumbo was more of an unknown quanity though.   I was really interested to see how it would look in Blu-Ray and how a nearly 70 year old film – made in 1941 – would translate to a 21st Century child bought up on the more complex narrative of the Pixar films.

The only time I’d seen Dumbo, was in a pretty rubbish cinema in about 1978 when I was the same age as Miss L.  I remember loving it but not much about the actual movie.   Miss L’s only knowledge of  Dumbo is that it’s her favourite ride at DisneyWorld!

My initial thoughts of the movie:

It’s super short less than an hour!

The home of the circus in Florida is pretty much where Disney World currently is and about the same size, obviously Walt always had a thing for Orlando.

Huge cultural difference between 1941 and 2010 –

1. Where babies come from:

Miss L – ‘Mummy why on earth is there a stork?’

Me – ‘Because in the olden times, they told children that babies were delivered by storks’

Miss L – ‘ But that’s stupid they come out of your ‘gyney’, DID THEY LIE TO CHILDREN?.  When did children learn the truth???’

2. Circus and Animals

Miss L – ‘So what’s a Circus?’, ‘Why are the animals chained up’, ‘Why are they making those animals work?’ ‘Why are they hitting Dumbo’s Mummy, who’s going to arrest them?’ ‘When are they freeing Dumbo’s Mummy!!’

Miss L’s Mini review – ‘ I liked the bit when Dumbo flew and the bit when they put up the tent. It was cool.  It is a good film and I recommend it.’

I don’t think it’s going to replace Toy Story in her affections but it did entertain a savvy 7 year for a rainy hour.  I suspect it’s a film that works better for the under 5’s.

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  1. It is interesting on time change…Growing up I loved Mary Poppins….I hadn’t watched it in years…pulled it out the other day, I have to say I was a little “put back” on how “demanding the father was to his wife in this movie.”