Container Gardening

Following on from last year’s ‘Small Gardening‘ I’m doing the container gardening thing again this year.  Last year I had the potatoes in completely the wrong place for watering them and they died a very quick death – doh!  But the strawberries did well in the hanging baskets at the front of the house, so I’m going to do those again but this year they’ll be at the back of the house – once again for more convenient watering.

I’m also going to do some herb pots by the back door – Coriander, Mint (for my Pimms!), Basil, Rosemary and some pick and come again lettuce for easy salads  – easy for watering as I can use the recycled water from our tumble drier.  And I’m going to attempt potatoes again but this time on the back patio – I don’t think Betty will eat them this year…but maybe I’m being over confident?

I have a load of seeds and bulbs growing in my parents greenhouse  – Green Beans, Dahlia’s, Sweetpeas, Lilies as well as the seeds we planted up from Debs.  So I look forward to getting those back in about six weeks and then I can plant up my beds – I have some purple broccoli to go in them too as they are so pretty and edible!

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  1. As soon as it stops freezing here at night…I’m going to plant some tomatoes.
    Good luck with your garden plans….share more pictures as it grows =)