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I have a digital camera, but I can’t remember the last time I actually used it.  Nearly all the photos I take for Violet Posy are done on my very crappy iPhone camera (seriously Apple 3 mega pixels is rubbish – sort it!).  The main reason for my using the iPhone is simple: I have no time and I am very, very lazy!

Using an Online Photo Hosting Site – Flickr

As my blog is self hosted I prefer to use an online photo account as it saves me server space (hubby moans if I put tons on the server).  I have a Flickr account, mainly because it was linked to a Yahoo email account I had a million years ago, however anyone can sign up and it is very good.  But I found out that instead of uploading photos from my laptop – that took ages, I could just email them straight there from my iPhone.

What you do is set up a Flickr account, go into your account settings – then to Email & Notifications – halfway down the page is “Your Flickr upload email” address. So if you have an Smartphone – iPhone, Blackberry, or a good old fashioned PC to email from; Pop that email address in your contacts and then just email the photos out when you need to. Also it’s very handy for backing up your photos from the phone.  The only restriction is that Flickr free account only lets you upload 200 images in total unless you pay to upgrade to Flickr Pro.

If you are worried about privacy you can go into the photos once they are online and just mark them as ‘Family & Friends’ and that will take them out of the Flickrstream.  But normally you’ll only be uploading photos you’d use on your blog anyway, so if you don’t use photos of your children or whatever then it’s not really going to be a problem.  There is an iPhone app to upload to Flickr and on the Flickr website you can upload from there but neither are like as quick as just using the email method.

Editing Photos on Flickr

Once the photo is online what do you do? Edit, edit, edit! Is the answer 🙂  Flickr uses a company called Picnik to let you edit your images and if you don’t have any decent photo editing software – well don’t go and buy any pop to Picnik and edit them online.

You can either do it buy clicking ‘edit’ on your photo on Flickr and it takes you straight through. If you don’t have a Flickr account and just have the image on your Machine/Facebook/Picassa upload them from there and you can then edit them online and save them back to either your machine or wherever you choose.  If you edit from the Flickr account it will save the new photo straight back to that account and will create a new copy.

Before – Here’s a picture I snapped with my phone.  It’s okay but it’s not brilliant the colours and lighting aren’t great and there is no real focus to the photo.

After – I’ve cropped the photo, changed the colour, contrast and exposure and then saved it – it took less than 2 minutes to edit. Picnik is really intuitive and if you don’t like what you’ve done just hit cancel.

Remember crop the photo to what draws your eye, it makes a massive difference to the look and feel of a photo. And remember to have fun playing with them, make them black & white, add text and boarders – whatever you fancy!

If anyone wants to know about adding photos to your blog then leave me a comment and I’ll write another post 🙂

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  1. Very timely as I take delivery of my iphone tomorrow! Amazing I’ve lasted out this long as I am quite the gadget geek normally. Well investigate picnik tomorrow if the House of Puke (aka Chez MD) has settled down.

    Great post.

    MD x

  2. I’ve started using picnik all the time. I love it, especially after spending hours trying to do exactly the same things with photoshop and not getting anywhere. I’m not really sure about the flickr bit….I’m a little confused about uploading pictures to server. That’s what I do…are you saying that eventually I will run out of space?
    Great post. Thanks.

    1. Nova, on your hosting you probably get unlimited space as it’s a commercial company so I doubt you’ll ever run out of room. I have a tiny corner of my husband’s server so space is limited as he uses most of it for his businesses. So I had to find an alternate home for my photos and videos 🙂

  3. Ahh I’m a big fan of the Flickr world and as BT broadband users I upgraded to a Pro account for free. You can also link to Photobox and Snapfish avoiding reuploading when you want to print. Hours of photo nerd fun!!

    1. Oh that’s so good you got a free upgrade, I keep meaning to upgrade mine not gotten round to it. it’s great you can get the photos as well 🙂

  4. Hi Liz – if you have a 3GS iPhone, try the Camera N2 app, I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, and it has improved the quality of my photos A LOT. I think it costs about £1. x

  5. I posted a photo made with my iPhone to Tumblr (there is an app for that ;-). I was surprised at the quality. Ofcause it is not as good as my Panny, but o.k. I use Livewriter to make my blogpost, pics included. I crop them in Photoshop but ad the watermark in Picasa. I also use Picasa to spruce up the pic a bit. Photoshop is nice but way too complicated for me LOL.
    Take care,

  6. If you upload to flickr and then want to use the picture for a badge-how do you do that without “exposing” your flickr account.