Baby Born Free

I’d like to welcome my latest partner company the award winning Baby Born Free to Violet Posy.  Over to them to tell you about themselves:

drinking_cup_orange“BornFreeTM – The Safe and Smart Feeding System

BornFree’s leak proof baby bottles with the anti-colic vent are designed for comfortable and safe feeding. The unique BornFreeTM venting system is designed to reduce the build-up of pressure inside the bottles and minimize the painful symptoms of colic and middle ear infections.

In addition, similar to breast feeding, the free flow air valve starts a steady flow of liquid only when your baby suckles making it the perfect bottle for combination breast and bottle feeding.

Featuring plastic and glass baby bottles with five stages of teats, interchangeable Training and Drinking Cups, Orthodontic Soothers, Silicone Teethers, and more, BornFreeTM products have always been 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC and are the safe and smart choice for parents and babies.”

Just a bit from me:

Obviously breast feeding your baby is the best thing for the baby, it goes without saying.  However I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to breast-feed Miss L when she was a baby.  She was seriously ill with Group B Strep and in SCBU, I was very ill after a messed up labour.  As a result those breasts just didn’t work and the very little I produced, dried up in about 3 days.  I was absolutely distraught, but my body wasn’t co-operating – what to do?

I had to look for alternative for her which was obviously bottles.  Fortunately when I was pregnant I’d come across an article about the dangers of plastic bottles and the chemicals that were used in them – in fact now in Canada bottles with BPA in have been banned for sometime. I can’t find the original as it was back in 2003 but here is a more recent one I found.   It gives all the details of the bad stuff that can be in plastic baby bottles and how they can affect babies in the long term.  There is also more information on the subject at Born Free blog here

Being a very paranoid first time Mum I hunted high and low for BPA Free Bottles.  They were great, she was hardly every sick and didn’t get much wind which can be a problem for bottle-fed babies.  I’m really pleased to see that there is now a range which has glass bottles, dummies, soothers, and training cups, if you’re interested pop over and have a look.

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