{The Gallery} – Week 6 Ugly

Tara’s Gallery subject this week is Ugly – a pretty hard one and I’ve been thinking about it all weekend (it’s been so hard!) and this is what I’ve come up with – Ollie the dead Eagle Owl (sorry Ollie!) My Mum inherited it from her Grandmother.  Seriously have you ever seen anything so macabre?  I feel bad for saying it, as it the one and only family heirloom we have, but it sure is ugly!


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    1. Oh bless her! The Owl itself is beautiful, it’s just the being dead and in a glass jar bit that freaks me out 😉

  1. That would give me the heebee jeebees if it was in our house. Don’t think I could. No, definitely not,no.

  2. Yup, that qualifies. Dead stuff doesn’t do it for me either! Would much rather see one of those swooping through the air 🙂

  3. Oh that is ugly. Sorry Ollie. My Dad had a stuffed pheasant for years which my Mum hated but he refused to part with it. Coming to think of it, I haven’t seen it in a long time, I wonder if she finally managed to off-load him?

  4. meeeep! I’m actually a bit scared! I don’t get the whole keeping dead things deelie. makes me shudder a bit! which is a shame, because he’s quite beautiful really… in a dead sort of way!

    (oh, and please don’t hate me- my blog has moved – again – full explanation at the old one, but it you fancy updating your link, that would be super 🙂 xx)