Auction Find

My Mum loves auctions, and goes to one up in Nofolk whenever she can.  What normally happens is she sees something and then has to buy a couple of boxes of junk to get the one thing that she wanted, then she puts them back in to sell the next auction.  But look what I scored in her latest box of junk!


It’s a milk glass vase – I think it’s going to look amazing with roses and peonies in it. Thanks Mum! x

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The Gallery – Portraits

Tara at Sticky Fingers has chosen my favourite subject this week – Portraits.  I have a million, so it’s hard to pick but this one of Miss L always makes me laugh, she was just 3 months at the time and that was a deliberate tongue stick out! Trust me she’s not changed one bit!


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A Great Advert from a Great Company

I worked for John Lewis at one of their Waitrose stores from the age of 15- 18. You know what it was the best company I’ve worked for. No other company I’ve worked for since then (and there has been a *lot*) equalled the care and respect for their staff or partners as we were called. Even at 17 my friends and I  – who were all part-time weekend staff – were invited to the company AGM.

On a Saturday our store  was pretty much run by people aged under 20, with one or two full timers on hand for emergencies. Looking back now I can’t believe they did it, but it taught all of us customer care, responsibility and how bloody hard work can be rewarding and lots of fun.  I look at Waitrose as my finishing school, I learn how to work there and it set me up well for the rest of my life.

So imagine my delight when I saw this brilliant advert for them the other night. I know everyone is talking about it (and yes it makes me cry too!) but for those of you who haven’t seen it or live abroad check it out. A great advert from a great British company and Billy Joel 🙂

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Words of Wisdom – Martha Style

Karin over at Cafe Bebe has challenged a few of us to come up with some Martha Stewart style words of wisdom for running a home. Now as anyone who knows me I have no wisdom whatsoever, but occasionally I do have fantastic ideas!  But I adore Martha, so here are my best ideas, I hope they live up to her standard.

Living Lettuce


Since reading this article in The Independent newspaper (short version 50g bag of lettuce takes 50 litres of water to produce) I buy £1 living lettuces from Waitrose.   I then keep them on the window sill, watered until we need them or alternatively pot them up in the garden.  That way they last longer and it’s better for the environment.

Kilner Jars


Kilner jars, I’ve become obsessed with them!.  Before I discovered their genius was buying packets of porridge (L lives on it in the mornings) and they were £1.90 a packet and I’d get 10 small breakfasts out of them.  But since my discovery of kilner jars, I’m buying the 32p Waitrose own porridge oats and getting about 14 breakfasts out of them. The jars come from our local hardware store and are about £2. And now I have flour, rice, coffee, you name it if I can get it in a kilner jar it’s there!

Cleaning Carry All


I bought this tin carry all to tidy up my cleaning cupboard, but it’s also brilliant for carrying all my cleaning equipment round the house. I don’t forget anything and any spills are contained.  Love it!

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Link Love Friday

It’s Friday! Here’s some of my favourite blog posts from the last couple of weeks, if you get some time. Have a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy.

Home & Style

Restyled House – Sarah’s House makeover. I love the touches of yellow around the house.

Inspired Room – Creative ideas from Anthropology – I love how they decorate their stores.

Hooked on Houses – Coastal Living – the most beautiful house.

The City Sage – Rambunctious Florals – Love ’em!

Thrifty Decor Chick – How to make a headboard – I need a superking one so this is perfect.

Simple Mom – Benefits of Non Toxic Cleaning – great tips

Coco & Kelley – Outdoor in Black and White – just beautiful

The Blessed Nest – Chalkboard wall – such a cute idea for little kids

Tiny House Blog – Converting a Garage into a Tiny Home – WANT! VP needs an office 🙂


Inchmark Journal – Tooth Fairy Bunnies – so cute!

Heather Ross – Far, Far Away – thanks Kat for the introduction to her blog x

Creative Hostess – Tea Cup Flower Arrangements – stunning for summer parties!


Violet Hour – the most amazing looking bar in Chicago from Callie at Grayson: A different Shade..

Cannelle & Vanille – Cherry Blossom Macarons – lush!

Technology & Blogging

The Stories of A-Z – Blog unto others… – good article

Have a great weekend!

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Google Streetmap & History

**Update –  hello new readers if you’re looking for HistoryPin click here**

Just about everyone by now has been using Google Streetmap to see their house, house they grew up in etc.  Well last night it occurred to me I could see my ancestors homes from the comfort of my sofa!  I have the census records for a fair few and unfortunately the first few I looked up were in London and must have been cleared after the war so were long gone.  But then I struck gold.

Here’s a picture of my Great Grandmother and her adopted daughter standing outside her home in Kensington London in I guess the 1920’s (love the plants in the front yard!) and then the same address now on Google StreetMap. You can just see the door under the stairs where she was standing. Nice to see plants in the neighbours front yards like she had.

Picture 73

Picture 74

So if you have any census information check out the addresses, it’s really nice to see where your ancestor lived.

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The Gallery – Seven Deadly Sins

Tara at Sticky Fingers sure knows how to set a hard Gallery!  I’ve been wracking my brains and going through all my pictures to find something suitable for the topic ‘7 Deadly Sins’.  This is a little bit lame but it incompasses a few of mine Lust – because I love it so much, Envy – because I envy anyone who lives there, Greed – because it doesn’t matter how many times I go there, I want to go again.  I give you Vancouver!


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Maxi Love

I am a uniform girl, jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and Converse in the winter. In the summer it’s always really long skirts or dresses, with Merrells or Converse. I know it’s lazy but I’ve gotten to the age where it’s stick to what you look good/are comfortable in, I don’t have the time to spend hours shopping anymore. However the last couple of years long skirts have been out of fashion so imagine my delight at the weekend when I spotted not only long skirts but maxi dresses as well in a couple of my favourite online stores.

Picture 63

Monsoon – as always a bit more expensive but so pretty.

Picture 64

Summer is coming and I’ll be ready with my Maxi Dresses!

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Our Weekend

Wasn’t this weekend’s weather just gorgeous?  We didn’t do a lot, mostly it was spent trying to track down maxi dresses from Dorothy Perkins – nowhere to be found!  But we spent the rest of the weekend out in the garden as the weather was glorious. I’m still obsessed with Hipstamatic so here’s some of the photos I snapped.

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Play Pennies

I’d like to welcome Play Pennies as a new partner to Violet Posy.  Over to Play Pennies

Picture 55

‘Kids aren’t cheap and parenting isn’t easy. But PlayPennies ( – a brand new UK blog for penny-wise parents – is here to help lighten the load.
Every single day the PlayPennies team scour the internet to find the best deals on everything from toys and nappies to trust-funds and treats for Mums. So if you’re looking for the best price on the pram of your choice, top tips on family budgeting, or need inspiration for pressies that won’t break the bank, PlayPennies is the place to be.

The team of writers – who are all parents and also write for national newspapers and magazines – work tirelessly to bring you the best of the money-saving deals from across the internet. And it’s all completely free; where else in the world-wide web can you find so much for so little?

Emma Kelly, Managing Editor of PlayPennies said; “Since PlayPennies launched last year it has become a popular virtual hang-out for parents who are penny-wise. It’s a community as well as a blog; we have a faithful following of readers and a parent testing panel who help review products, plus exclusive competitions. PlayPennies is the place for parents who want to save money, get lots of free advice and discover incredible deals.”

PlayPennies doesn’t just have the hottest bargains fresh from the net. You’ll also find in-depth articles, interviews and reviews. These all deliver salient advice, ideas and tips from a range of family experts including life coaches and financial consultants on how to get the most from your money. If you’re looking for a specific product, a cost-effective gift or just a household essential, check out PlayPennies for the best deals around.’

Pop over and visit them for some great ideas!

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Yarn on the Square

yarn2Ely has a new addition to our local independent shops ‘Yarn on the Square’ which is run by Ginette and Christine who have really set up a beautiful store full of the most amazing yarns.  They have a large selection of yarns sourced from across the world including some, such as Bergere de France, which cannot be bought elsewhere in the county. Others include Rowan, designer yarns such as Debbie Bliss and the ever popular Sirdar and Sublime.

They are also giving knitting and crochet classes – something that I need!. There is a full list of their lessons here on the their website.

yarn4They have a real community feel at the shop and they really enjoy entertaining – you can tell from the lovely sofa and fabulous massive table you can sit round.. The Purl Girls runs on a Friday and if you’d like to pop in for a knit, cup of tea or coffee and a chat it’s on between 1.30-3.30pm.


During the Easter holidays they also ran knitting classes for children. Ginette used to be a primary school teacher (she taught Miss L) and she’s excellent with the children teaching them both ‘Finger’ and ‘French knitting’ and I think they are running them again in the summer holidays.


Excitingly Debbie Bliss is doing the official opening ceremony on April 21st (next Wednesday). The plan is that she will arrive at about 11 and stay till about 3:30 she’ll chat and have some garments to try on, she’ll also do some type of demonstration which will be amazing. Come along for the fun and meet Debbie Bliss!

If you’d like to know more about Yarn on the Square, or contact them about the opening or lessons you can contact them at their Facebook Fan Page here or their website:

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Photo Meme

I’m catching up on my Meme’s – I’ve been rubbish of late, so expect a few in the coming days!

This one is from Susan over at SusanKMann (great site – check it out!)

First Up the Rules:

1. Open your first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread


This is Ireland in March 2001. Paul had just bought me my first digital camera for my birthday and we’d gone to see my Nan in Ireland pre our wedding. She was in hospital at the time and I wanted her to meet the man I was going to marry.  At the time she was 88 and everyone thought she was on death’s door and I felt I should get there as fast as possible. As always with my Nan she thankfully proved everyone wrong and it still with us now at a grand old 96!

After we visited Nan, we hired a car and drove round the ring of Kerry which is stunningly beautiful even in the March rain. We had such a great break and it was lovely to take Paul over and show him all my favourite spots in Ireland – it’s such a wonderful country.  Happy memories!

I nominate the following lovely bloggers:

Paula @BattlingOn

Move to Portugal

Susie @Newdaynewlesson



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Cath Kidston Vinyl Flooring

Photo Credit: Cath Kidston/Harvey Maria
Photo Credit: Cath Kidston/Harvey Maria

I had my Cath Kidston affiliate newsletter this week (I make a whole 5% from any sales and I’m running at about £1.20 at the moment!) and was interested to see that they are bringing out a line of vinyl flooring with Harvey Maria.

I think for a small en-suite, laundry room or kids bathroom they could be quite good fun bringing some colour and interest to what are normally quite dull rooms.  They’re £39.95 on the Cath Kidston site but I can’t tell if that is per meter or for a pack of tiles?  But if I had an en-suite that rose one below would be on the floor asap!

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