Time to plant….Dahlias


*Recycled from Spring 2009* but it’s the right time to plant them!

If you go to your local garden center at the moment you should be able to buy your Dahlia tubers, in every colour and style.  My personal favourites are anything in deep red, purples and white, they make a wonderful contrast when everything else is dying back.  There is lots of faff about Dahlia’s being hard to look after, but I never lift mine or do anything else to them that your supposed to.  I just leave them in the ground and chuck some mulch at them in the autumn to keep them warm over winter.

They are well worth planting, they start flowering in July/August and  last well into October and sometimes November if you are lucky. As you can see I use them as a pop of colour to borders…


…and as long lasting cut flowers in the house.


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CyberMummy 2010 – Sponsors Needed for Mummy Bloggers

cyber-mummy-logo It’s an exciting time in the British Parent Blogging community, we are having our first conference CyberMummy on 3rd July, I have my ticket and I can’t wait!.

You’ll notice it has a beautiful website and badges – made by me, however the actual hard bit of setting it up and running it has been done by Susanna (www.amodernmother.com), Sian (www.mummy-tips.co.uk) and Jennifer (www.alphamummy.com)

They have banded together and organised a one-day event where we can share stories, trade tips and learn a few things from experts and each other. The day will have sessions devoted to content, understanding technical things like SEO and working with sponsors.

Although it’s very reasonable early bird price of £80 (before April 15th) and then goes up to £100 after that that, it is out of reach to some Parent Bloggers.  Some of who are on one or a reduced income and can’t afford the ticket and the travel. So I’ve been inspired my good friend Karin at Cafebebe who’s looking for sponsors.   I thought that if I can match PR’s and Parent Bloggers it might help a few people out.

So Parent Bloggers if you are looking for sponsors, leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog and what you are willing to offer in terms of ad’s etc.  PR’s if you’re reading and you’d like to sponsor a Mummy Parent Blogger please feel free to contact anyone who’s commented on this post – then you can negoitate terms between you.

Good Luck!

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Old House Needing Love

I’m a little obsessed with Right Move’s website, I’m sure I need an intervention but there is something about virtual househunting that makes me happy. Poor Paul, get’s a lot of ‘Ooo look at this’ he tolerates it very well!

I spotted this little gem this morning, I know it’s in Kings Lynn and it’s probably not in the best area.  But on the upside it’s really close to the station and from Kings Lynn you can be at the North Norfolk coast in about 20 minutes.

Picture 18

Picture 19

And wait for it……it’s a 4 Bed Georgian House with an auction guide price of £90,000! Imagine how much it’d be if it was in Brighton!

I’m a little in love with it, I’ve looked down the back of the sofa and strangely there isn’t £90,000 anywhere in there…..

It’s for auction on the 22nd March with http://www.barnardmarcusauctions.co.uk whoever get’s is a lucky wotsit!

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The Gallery {Colour}

Tara’s photography challenge this week for The Gallery is ‘Colour’ – much easier than last weeks ‘Numbers’, which I wussed out of!. This was taken in 2008 at Granville Island Market in Vancouver. The flower and food stalls there are amazing, make sure you go there if you are ever in Vancouver.


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Link Love Monday

I actually started writing this last Monday, but hey it’s Monday again so here goes….

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Link Loves, I just haven’t had the time.  Meanwhile my Google Reader starred section has gotten bigger and bigger and I’ve felt bad about not commenting on any of these posts. I’ve generally read them on my iPhone when I have five minutes to myself and it’s always such a pain to comment on the iPhone especially if there are any ‘capchas’ on a site.  I’ve ended up starring them and meaning to go back and comment later, but it’s just not worked out that way.

So here are my picks of the last few weeks and consider them all loved by me:

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Strappy Slouch Bag Giveaway – Kitschy Coo

The Gentleman in my Kitchen – Kat

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Overheard at My House: Self Esteem – Perfect Sentiment

Other Great posts

Obsession:Where to go on Holiday – Grayson: a different shade of Grey

Beauty is where you find it – Carrots & Kids

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Special Screening’s of ‘The Blind Side’ – Free Tickets! (UK Only)

I’ve just been sent this by Warner Bros – I’m gutted because none of the cinemas are near me *sad face* which is a shame because I think Sandra Bullock is ace.  But I thought that some of you might like an afternoon out at the cinema. It’s on a first come/first serve basis so get there quick!

Here’s the trailer if you don’t know about the film

Watch The Blind Side at a preview screening before its nationwide cinema release on 26th March!

To celebrate the release of the Oscar® winning The Blind Side on 26th March, readers have a chance to be the first to see the film at a variety of cinemas on Tuesday 16th March.

For your chance to attend a special daytime preview screening (at a number of locations), simply enter the below code at www.seefilmfirst.com to get your complimentary pair of tickets!

Code: 560634





Manchester Printworks









Kingston upon Thames




Muswell Hill


Camden Town

Edinburgh Wester Hailes



Hatfield Galleria


South Woodford

Southend on Sea

Surrey Quays



West Thurrock

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Jo Malone and Farrow & Ball

Main Image Back in my pre-child days Jo Malone products were a regular staple of my bathroom cabinet, now they are a rare but welcome treat.  I think that their fragrances are just beautiful and so evocative when used around the home.

So imagine how happy I was to find out they have collaborated with Farrow and Ball (Slipper Satin Paint my favourite!) to make their first ever coloured candles.

What they’ve done is matched all the fragrances – Lime Basil & Mandarin, Wild Fig & Cassis, Grapefruit, Pomegranate Noir and Blue Agava & Cacao with the classic Farrow & Ball colours Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green® (No 81), Farrow & Ball Pelt (No 254), Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue® (No 85), Farrow & Ball Farrow’s Cream® (No 67), Farrow & Ball Eating Room Red®(No 43). I think for me it would have to be Blue Agava & Cacao Home Candle (200g) in Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue® (No 85) – just a gorgeous colour and scent.

If you’re feeling like treating yourself they are available from 16th April.

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{Spring Clean} 10 Minute Challenge – how it went…

Earlier this week, I set the Spring Clean – 10 Minute Challenge and here’s how mine went, I started with the smallest job I could find.   Our shoe basket in the hallway looked like this.

I took them all the in lounge and had a sort out.  It turned out that one member of the family had 10 pairs of shoes in the basket and it wasn’t Miss L or I 🙂  Between us we managed to give to charity 15 pairs of shoes which either didn’t fit (Miss L), were ridiculous (Me) or didn’t really like that much (Paul)


Our Basket now looks like this.


The liners are still in the wash (as they were seriously scary!) and should be ready soon.  The next 10 minute job is our wardrobe….I’m leaving that for Sunday morning!

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The Fantastic Mr Fox

We were sent ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ on DVD a couple of weeks back for us to review.  Now frankly I’ll watch anything with George Clooney in – even if it’s just his voice and Miss L’s studying Roald Dahl at school at the moment, so this was the ideal film to send us.

Here’s Miss L’s view on the film:

‘My favourite bit was the electric fence.  And it was Fantastic of course.  The Rat security guards who look after the cider were fighty.  My friends liked the motorcar jumping the tower (ed I have no idea what she’s talking about!) And I’d give it 10/10’

My thoughts are that despite it being an international cast, which I thought might be a bit odd as it’s a British story set in the British countryside.   It was actually done very well more like an Oceans 11 for kids.  The animation looked at least like the old fashion ‘stop’ animation which I always thinks brings depth and realism – but that might just be me being old fashioned!

Apart from the film which is very good, more entertaining from an adult persepctive was the ‘Making of’ film that was with it.  It looked behind the scenes at Wes Anderson effectively making a film with George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and then they just animated what the actors had done, which was just brilliant.

So if your looking for a kids film that adults can watch without being bored then this is a good one. All in all I give it an 8/10.

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{Spring Clean} – The 10 Minute Challenge


The sun is out and that means just one thing…..I can see all the dust and stuff lying around the house.  So I’m having a Spring Clean Party!

You don’t have to do a lot, just one 10 minute job you’ve been meaning to do all winter and blog about it.  Mine is the shoe baskets in the hallway.  It’s a great idea to have a shoe basket, but you actually have to have to you know…throw some shoes out when they’re worn or don’t fit anymore! Currently it looks like this:


So my plan is this week when I have a spare 10 minutes, is to turn it out. Put what doesn’t fit and is still good i.e most of Miss L’s shoes to charity. Put the summer ones up in the wardrobe where they should be and clean the winter ones for storage.

It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes and will make a massive difference to the hallway.

I’m putting up a Mr Linky on this post so when you’ve done yours and you want to share it – just add it on 🙂

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