{Day Trip} The Tower of London

Miss L and I headed down to London on Monday for our first Day Trip of the Easter Holidays – The Tower of London. As you’ll see from the photos it was bit of a miserable rainy day but we were determined to enjoy our trip.  I love the Tower of London, I used to work nearby and I made a point of walking past it most days. Most of the important moments in British History happened at the Tower. From William the Conqueror building it in 1078 with stone shipped from France to Anne Boleyn’s execution there and to the more present day with the Kray Twins being some of the last prisoners to be held there (who knew?).

Miss L was especially fascinated with the ‘Bloody Tower’ where The Princes in the Tower were murdered  – mainly because they spiral stairs are tiny, so she realised how small people were a few hundred year ago.  Also she loved seeing the Crown Jewels which are housed at the Tower and I have to say they are very impressive, but I was pretty amused at the Indian guys behind us who wanted to take the Koh i Noor Diamond back home with them, they were hilarious!

Obviously a lot of The Tower is well old castle forbidding and ancient – even ‘Traitor’s Gate’ which is pretty has such a horrid past it’s hard to overlook it.

tower collage

But my favourite parts are some of the ‘newer’ areas – well if you can call Tudor and Georgian parts newer? How adorable are these houses which were built a couple of hundred years ago.


Then it started pouring with rain so we decided to head to Spitalfields to go to the shops Cath Kidston (I got a flour sprinkler).  I love Spitalfields, it’s one of the older parts of London (It was built on a Roman Cemetery) and the people who live there are dedicated to retaining the old charm of the buildings. The Georgian Houses there still look like they are waiting for a horse and carriage to draw up in front of them, they look authentic not some Disney version of what Georgian should look like.  I find it especially interesting as one of my great grandfather’s is listed as living in the area as an cabinetmaker apprentice in 1851 – he’d moved up from Somerset.

And this store front just had me – look at the fonts and

But my favourite shop by far was Verde & Co Ltd which is an Organic Food store which is part on the Slow Food movement (of which I’m a fan anyway) and is owned by the author Jeanette Winterson. It was tiny inside but obviously based on an actual Georgian shop, I love everything about it the signage, shutters – perfection.  Next time we go down I’m getting something from there fore lunch.

Miss L loved the old buildings and was facinated at the though that her family had lived there, worked there and had their families there. I think I may have triggered a new love of social history, which I’m very pleased about you can’t learn that from just a book.

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  1. I get so fed up of the crowds in London that I forget how much history there is all around you when you are there. Must go up more often and explore.

  2. I love the history of London and, even after 10 years here, I still try to get out and see it as a tourist. On Sunday, I took my daughters to Spitalfields as well. And then we had curry in Brick Lane. It’s a great day out.

  3. Great post & one of those days that I’m sure Lily will remember forever!
    Coincidentally the Donovan Bros shop front was also somebody’s Blipfoto image I spotted earlier in the week.

    1. Is it really? I’ll have to go and have a look and see if I can find it. I bet there are loads on Flickr too I’ll have to go and have a look x

  4. I’ve got Spitalfields silk weavers in my family, oh and cabinet makers, but they were from Lambeth. Maybe our relatives knew each other? MUST do this with the Minx when she is a little older…