{The Gallery} Outside my Front Door

It’s Week 5 of Sticky Fingers ‘The Gallery’ – over to Tara..

This week’s theme is: Outside my front door. Not literally outside your front door (although if it’s a great photo opportunity then go for it!) But I want to see where you live. What sort of environment are you in? Is it leafy, is it built up, is it rural, is it crowded? Is it sunny, is it cold, is it picturesque, is it urban?’

So here’s mine – my favourite part of town in the ancient part behind the Cathedral..

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  1. What a lovley shot to choose. I’m always in awe of how they actually built churches & cathedrals. Absolutely amazing given the tools etc!

  2. I just love cathedrals and am rather envious of anyone lucky enough to live near one. The boys Godparents live in Hereford and oh my it is a fantastic place

  3. I’ve nearly seen all the pictures for this weeks postings now, and hands down, this is my favourite so far!! It ticks all the boxes for me… mainly old architecture… that’s what floats my boat mainly! Also though, the COLOURS, the clarity and quality of the photograph, all speak wonders to me. If I took this shot, I’d have it framed and on my livingroom wall! Pride of place.

  4. How lovely! I love you view. Everything about it….although if I lived there I might find myself just gazing out the window all day long.