Respect Organics Cake Review

I get sent a lot of PR requests and I turn most of them down I tend to only go with ones from companies I’d actually ever use. Also most of them are baby related, trying to get a 7 year old into a baby buggy to test it really isn’t that easy 😉  But how could I turn down reviewing cake? Especially when three of them Carrot, Banana and Ginger are Dairy free and all of them are organic?

Respect Organics sent me 4 of their cakes, Chocolate, Carrot, Banana and Ginger Crush – you should have seen my face when the courier delivered them, there may have been a happy dance thrown in!

Paul and I dived into the Ginger Crush cake first as it was a work coffee break  – light and moist it was lovely, the only bit neither of us were that keen on was the actual bits of stem ginger in it as neither of us are ginger fans. So I’ll give it a 4/5 because of the stem ginger but that is a personal like or dislike.

Up next was the chocolate cake which was an afterschool treat for Miss L (and me!). It’s a beautiful moist cake with a deep layer of chocolate frosting.  I really liked it, but I think it’s a ‘grown’ up chocolate cake as Miss L thought the frosting was a bit too much – I’ve never seen frosting beat her! 🙂  But she ate all the sponge and asked for seconds so it must have been ok!  4/5 from me and a 3/5 from Miss L.

We left it a few days to try the Banana Cake and the Carrot Cake as we were a bit caked out for a few days as there’s only the three of us.  But the Banana Cake was a handy ‘Elevenies’ on Friday – light moist and just delightful. I’m a big Banana cake fan and this was my favourite.  Ummm I might not have shared this one with the rest of the family, and it’s still in hiding waiting to be finishes – 5/5 from me!

The Carrot Cake I’m saving for Easter Sunday to take to my Mum’s and share with the rest of the family.  It’s my Mum’s best friends birthday and she adores Carrot Cake so I’m going to use it as her Birthday cake.  If it’s anything like the Chocolate Cake – she is going to be a happy woman.  When we’ve tried it, I’ll update this post and give it, it’s rating.

All in all it was a lovely experience and I’d like to thank Respect Organics for sending us such beautiful cakes to try out.

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  1. My son loves their banana cake – and often has it for his packed lunch! (I’m quite partial to it, too!)

  2. We tend not to buy cake, but then I do enjoy baking with the boys and I can make it quite fast, but it is great to know that there is something that tastes great and is organic too