1940s and Nanny McPhee

We’ve just got back from seeing ‘Nanny Mc Phee and the Big Bang‘ – which is as good as the first one, and great if you want to keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours during the holidays.

The thing that caught my eye about the film, apart from the sets which were stunning, was the selection of gorgeous 1940’s Tea Dresses that Maggie Gyllenhaal  was wearing.  I had back in the early 1990’s the most perfect tea dress which I wore to death, I really wish now I’d kept it and had new ones made from it.

But as I didn’t,  I’ve just had a look through my affiliate sites to see if there are any about. Of course Cath Kidston has some, but they only go to a size 16 and I’m an 18 (bad Cath Kidston!).

Picture 43Picture 41Picture 40

notonthehighstreet.com has the Tatoo Tea Dress, but only up to a size 14

Picture 44

But that was about it!  I’ve had a look at Monsoon and Boden but nothing doing there so now I’m going to scour Ebay and see what’s on there or I might have to go on a diet…or get one made!.  If you love the look check out Vivien of Holloway and the excellent blog Diary of a Vintage Girl which I adore and is all about 1940’s style. Have fun!

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    1. *SQUEAL* I want that second one worse than bad….the other’s aren’t bad either but that is so me . Thank you xxx

  1. thanks for the nanny mcphee update – i had been hoping as i loved the first one! cant wait to see the tea dresses! i remember your fab dresses and borrowing them even if they were too big round the bust!!

    1. Hey!…okay that’s true and I suspect they still would be 😉 You’ll love Nanny McPhee hon – but take tissues it made me cry x