Easter Holiday Entertainment Ideas

DSC01039The Easter holidays are here (how did that happen?) and I have 3 weeks of school holidays in which entertain my lovely daughter. Honestly you think I’d be used to this by now, but sending them to school makes you lazy and you get used to doing less with them.  So this holiday I’m going to find fun, educational, stimulating stuff to do with her – I’ve even taken 3 weeks out of working to spend the time with her – they aren’t little forever and I’m going to make the most of it.

So are my holiday ideas:

Day trips to London –  we’ve had a chat and settled on The Science Museum one day and Tower of London the another.

Gardening – we’re going to grow lots of veggies in bags and plant up the beautiful flower seeds that Debs at Carrots and Kids sent me.  I’m going to help her clear her own area of the garden round the playhouse and help her plant it up. I’m also going to try and get round to painting the sheds depending on the weather – but she’s an excellent painter so she’ll love getting messy.

Bike – Finish teaching her how to ride her bike without stabilisers – she’s nearly there but just needs a little more confidence and practice.

Easter Egg Hunt – the traditional egg hunt at my parents, Mum keeps hoping Miss L is too big, but she still wants one every year. She’ll still want one at 18 – ha ha!

Art – I want to get her to a gallery – she announced that the National Gallery would be ‘BORING!’ but I know my daughter and I think that she would love the Monet’s and the Van Gogh’s. Might try and sneak it in there 🙂

But if we don’t get to do that making pretty easter art (all my inspiration for that is coming from Tip Junkie – great ideas there, painted eggs, glitter paintings, and do some of the art kits she was given for her birthday.

The Beach – fingers crossed that by the end of the holidays it will have warmed up enough for us to get up to Brancaster in North Norfolk and have picnics and build massive sandcastles.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter Break!

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  1. Fantastic ideas here. Hope you have a lovely time with your daughter. This Easter our son is off skiing with the school for the first time. To stop me worrying constantly, hubby has taken that week off work so we can go somewhere just the two of us for a change (I still think I will fret!) x

  2. Oh it sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous Easter hols! Hope the weather is good this year. Mine loved going to Tate Modern, it seems wonderful for children and they enjoyed wandering round with their headphones listening to commentary on the paintings.

    Not sure how doable it is but have you been to the Roald Dahl Museum? Absolutely loved that place.

    Have fun whatever you do. (Does this mean no blogging too?) xx

  3. Roald Dahl museum?? Ok I have to check that out she’d love it.

    I’ll be banned from the internet during the day – as apparently it means I ignore everything going on in the house – as if! 😉 So evenings only for me.

  4. I’m working through most of the school holidays although I do have Thursday to Monday off over the Easter weekend. I am going to try and finish early a couple of days and we have things planned for when I get in so should be OK…. I hate being at work when they are off school though!

  5. I was just thinking the same thing; what to do with my seven year old. I think I am going to do a few Horrible Science experiments with him, a trip to Techniquest and he wants to do some recipes from this book he has called ‘Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes.’ Honestly you would think it was Halloween not Easter but he’s a typical boy I guess……

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  7. These are all fun ideas for you to bond with your daughter. I’m going to have to personally go with a beach trip because my friends and I all enjoy lazing around under the sun. 🙂