Jo Malone and Farrow & Ball

Main Image Back in my pre-child days Jo Malone products were a regular staple of my bathroom cabinet, now they are a rare but welcome treat.  I think that their fragrances are just beautiful and so evocative when used around the home.

So imagine how happy I was to find out they have collaborated with Farrow and Ball (Slipper Satin Paint my favourite!) to make their first ever coloured candles.

What they’ve done is matched all the fragrances – Lime Basil & Mandarin, Wild Fig & Cassis, Grapefruit, Pomegranate Noir and Blue Agava & Cacao with the classic Farrow & Ball colours Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green® (No 81), Farrow & Ball Pelt (No 254), Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue® (No 85), Farrow & Ball Farrow’s Cream® (No 67), Farrow & Ball Eating Room Red®(No 43). I think for me it would have to be Blue Agava & Cacao Home Candle (200g) in Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue® (No 85) – just a gorgeous colour and scent.

If you’re feeling like treating yourself they are available from 16th April.

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Farrow & Ball and Jo Malone…two of my very favorite things. It’s sad but true that I have been known to pore over Farrow & Ball charts for hours…I know, I know, get a life. But I love choosing paint colors for myself and now for friends. And Jo Malone is so heavenly. . .all that scent layering. For summertime I like Orange Blossom/Lime Basil & Mandarin/Grapefruit. And my husband gives me the candles for my birthday every year. Domestic bliss.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with owning Farrow & Ball paint charts and going over them for hours 😉 How nice is it that your husband get you a candle for your birthday! Enjoy layering them, they smell just gorgeous like that.

  2. I love Farrow & Ball too, and Jo Malone! What two great combinations. My huge Jo Malone lime basil & mandarin candle is just about all finished. :0(

  3. Love Farrow & Ball. My house is covered in it. I too could spend hours pouring over paint charts.
    Jo Malone is also a favourite but yeah not as frequent a buyer in recent years. They sell it duty free on BA when flying to the US. Lethal.
    Those candles look lovely. A perfect gift for mother’s day!

    1. Farrow & Ball is just the best paint IMHO, I love it. I’ll have to look out for Jo Malone if I ever travel on BA, I’m normally a Virgin girl 🙂

  4. What’s not to like? Lov ’em both. My house in England was all done in Farrrow & Ball. In fact my maiden name is Farrow so how cd I not choose them? And Jo Malone i sjust wonderful. Theyhave her stuff duty free on teh Tirana flight too (an adv of not being in the EU. ) Think I might drop a hint to my hubby abou tthat. Anniversay coming up & all.

    1. Couldn’t not choose them – the colours are fabulous and being a Farrow too it’d just be rude. Hope you get your candles!

  5. Two of my fave things – Jo Malone and Farrow & Ball. I’m so going to be buying some of these (best hurry up and finish the boxset of four mini JM candles I got for Xmas, otherwise OH will be asking ‘do you REALLY need MORE candles?’!!

  6. Farrow and Ball and Jo Malone. Sigh.

    Just been noodling through your blogrolls – we have lots of them in common. I love Posie Gets Cozy and Soulemama particularly for a bit of escapism. And then of course there’s the monthly Martha fix with a cup of coffee! Bliss.

    1. Ah great minds think alike! Martha and coffee is just bliss! I’m just going to pop over and have a look at yours and see if I can find any fab new blogs to follow. Thanks so much for stopping by x