The Kindness Cup

At my daughter’s school they award a ‘Kindness’ cup weekly to a child who’s been…well kind, well behaved and an all round good kid.  This cup has been a source of amusement in our house since she was in nursery, as it only ever seemed to go to the same 10-15 children who all fit the ‘very good’ kid criteria.

My lovely girl, although kind and warm hearted has bit of a temper and has a mouth that sometimes works without engaging her brain (much like her mother!). So we had accepted that while she has won the ‘Singing’ Cup, the Kindness Cup probably wasn’t ever coming home to ours.

But what do you know?

Awarded to ‘the girl who always tries her hardest’  which is all we could ever ask for.

Well done Miss L we are so proud of you xx

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