Cornishware Giveaway Competition – Open to UK & International

Shelf Shot His (Top) & HersKarma is a funny old thing.  A couple of weeks ago Paul broke 3 of my favourite mugs (a Cath Kidston and two Cornishware mugs) whilst getting out 3 matching white Ikea mugs for guests. Apparently mugs should match…whatever!! I was heart broken and as he cut himself so I couldn’t even shout at him, poor guy he was mortified.

You may have gathered from this ramble that I have bit of a mug fetish and the black and cream  Cornishware one that died was a particular favourite.

So imagine my utter delight last week when the makers of Cornishware T.G.Green contacted me about a giveaway of a full set of ‘his and hers’ Cornishware mugs each set is worth £40 (full disclosure and all that  – I get a set too – yay!)

Her mugs stacked.SMALLjpgHis mugs stacked.SMALLjpg So how it works is please leave me a comment, telling me your favourite piece or pieces of Cornishware (mine’s my sugar bowl – love it!) between now and Friday 26th Feb 2010 at 6pm when I’m closing the comments.

Then I’ll do a random number generator, tell the PR and the winner and then winner will be sent a code that makes the mugs free and any shipping inc international free.

So what’s your favourite piece of Cornishware?

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  1. I still have this old pudding jar/bowl from my great-grand mother which I love and have on display with fruits or twigs and blooms on my Welsh dresser in the kitchen. If I put flowers in it I have to put a glass of water in it as it has this hairwidth crack, but it is one of my all time favourite things and reminds me of the times my great-grandmother still used it when I was a kid.

  2. Mine have got to be them funky cups!
    So out there, different, and make a great
    statement to the owner, I’m loud an lairy is
    what they say to me.
    They look fab.x

  3. I love the Cotton Wool Jar – I have been looking for a nice one for ages so going to grab myself one of these when I get paid.

  4. Been after a garlic keeper for ages tried hanging my garlic all Fench style but it didn’t work would love this one Garlic Keeper 11.5x11cm 850573CB fab happy stripes.

  5. Wonderful, I love the look of those mugs! My little collection from my Grandmother’s house is on daily display on my kitchen shelving. I currently have roses in one on our dining table. I would love a chance to own these mugs!

  6. I like the egg cups both the footed and non footed ones, esp in yellow. They are cheery and bright.

  7. Ooh…just love those footed egg cups! I’m still using plastic ones I’ve had at least 10 years…..

  8. I love my large milk jug that I have my kitchen utensils in, but I covet a salt box with hinged wooden lid that I recently spotted in a local antique shop. I’m also a mug lover and am very sad when my favourites get chipped.

  9. It would have to be the pudding basins. I love them and all pudding basins. They are so podgy, homely and really need a christmas pud in them!

  10. I feel your pain – I managed to smash two Cath Kidston dinner plates within a week over Christmas. I have a small collection of Vintage Cornishware which I adore but like other readers it must be the pieces inherited from my Gran that mean the most. I have several Sugar and Flour Shakers and they are amongst my most prized possessions. If I could choose any piece then it would be a rolling-pin. However, the new Cornishware colours are amazing. Enjoy your mugs 🙂

  11. I love the old vintage cornishware and I inherited a set of TG Green bowls after my grandmother passed away. One of them is a stripey one pint pudding bowl, although I do have some plain cream pudding bowls still doing sterling service many decades after they were produced.

    I used to have the salt and pepper set, but then I got cats and after a night roaming on countertops I found them smashed on the floor one morning. Grrr….

  12. I thought I wanted a teapot and jug but when I looked I had to keep going back to the love cups! Such a lovely red and with chocolates in too! need I say more…

  13. I think it would have to be the mugs for the girls, I love the colours. I love mugs too, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are if they look good then I love them. Had a spate of breakages recently too….funny how it goes that way. Don’t break anything for years and then….bam!!

  14. I live in the US and have never had any Cornishware, but as soon as I saw these mugs knew I wanted a set. They remind me of my teenage daughter, quirky and fun!