Laziest Ready Made Food Ever?

I am a lazy cow…sorry time poor hardworking mother.  I readily admit to buying ready made custard (Waitrose YUM!), and ready grated cheese because my cheese grater insists on grating more of my knuckes than actual cheese. But I do draw the line at some things – ready made jacket potatos and pre-chopped onion being a couple of examples.  However today in Marks & Spencer’s I saw my favourite laziest ready made food ever:

Seriously?? Even the stuff you can add water and shake is less lazy…..and yes I was tempted to buy it but I didn’t 😉

What’s your favourite ‘Lazy’ ready made food?

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  1. Every good mum should have a few tins of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup in the cupboard or pantry if your posh!

  2. Ready made pancake batter is not doesn’t taste as well as home made batter. At least over here in the Netherlands.
    We do buy ready made meals sometimes, when there is very little time to prepare food.
    Most of the time they are “Chinese” meals which taste pretty good.
    I also use cake mixes to make cakes. The ones that need eggs and butter added. The ones that only need water added don’t taste good.

  3. I’m with you on the grated cheese – it’s so much easier. I keep frozen chopped onions in the freezer too, I buy red ones for fresh cooking but sometimes white are required and they’re cheap and easy!
    The packets of batter make me laugh – the instructions tell you to add egg and milk/water so it’s basically just pre-weighed flour and salt!

  4. You’re right, it is uuuuber lazy, but, I used that very mix last year (I was pregnant and lazy!!), and I must say, it was delicious!!

    My favourite lazy nosh though, has become grated cheese – it was on offer a few weeks ago & worked out cheaper, so I though, may as well – and *oh* it makes getting lunch ready for the little man SO much quicker!

    And, I love SMASH. Yep. I said it. *hangs head in shame*

  5. Wow! M&S don’t miss a trick do they?!

    I can’t think what I use regularly that’s a cheat, erm, I’ve used bread mixes in the past, oh and I do like a tin of ambrosia creamed rice now and again!


  6. oh dear, i really don’t get it. i just don’t. How much do they charge for what is just a bit of flour, milk and eggs? Maybe i’m just to poor to understand ready food. 😀

  7. Ok Ive never commented on your site before so probably shouldn’t admit this. But I have to make packed lunches for my two daughters every day and they love love love tinned spaghetti and mini sausages. I heat it up in the am and stick it in a thermos and then straight in to their lunch boxes. It’s warm and makes a change from sandwiches. Gross though right? BTW I saw you on Twitter I’m @eggscreamhoney.

  8. OMG – ready chopped onions??? why have i never seen this? I am shocking with onions to the point that if people come to the door they think someone has died!

    My worst ready made sin is mash potato, not the horrid Smash but Tesco, creamy cheesy mash.

  9. That’s not just normal pancake batter, It’s Marks and Spencers pancake batter lol

    I always buy frozen chopped onions and garlic but that’s about it really – I do buy ready grated cheese if that counts as lazy 😉