Spring at Cath Kidston

Someone at Cath Kidston hates me – they’ve stopped sending me the magazine that comes out every season *SOB* and no matter how many times I resubscribe they won’t send it to me.  So I’ve had to look online to see what’s new *mutter, mutter*

And here are my favourites (family reading this remember it’s my birthday soon – love ya!)

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  1. They dont send me it either anymore!!! I am not sure about the bottom bag, but I do love the new tea pot, milk and sugar bowl. Must save as our sugar bowl has craked

  2. I’m so pleased I’m not alone in not getting the magazine – so annoying!! I have a thing for sugar bowls at the moment, might have to get one for the dining room 🙂

  3. They don’t send it to me, either. I thought maybe it was because they’re realised I only every buy stuff from the cheapie shop at Bicester!

    Love that last bag – I fancy a nice overnight trip to go with it. D’you think Cath Kidston sells babysitters, too?

  4. Love that messenger bag….am looking for a new bag, one just like that – but just not with the floral design, there is the blue polka dot one, but am wondering if that is too close to denim colour so will look awful with jeans?

  5. I’ve been coveting the first bag myself. I dragged the husband and kids round the Cath Kidston store in York a couple of weeks ago and think I may have converted the husband!


  6. I have the last bag (zip up in vintage rose) and its a great bag! I can throw all my things in and more besides 🙂 definitely worth getting! xo