Mmmm Chocolate

Morning everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend? Sorry for the lack of blogging of late, my main contract ended last week so I’ve been trying to build my blog design business, which is going pretty well. On top of that I’ve been trying getting the redesign of our cottage holiday site done,  so I’ve been really busy and it’s kept me away from Violet Posy. But I promise to try harder this week to post more.

So having worked hard all week, I had a lovely surprise on Saturday morning. The kind folk at Green & Blacks sent us a bundle of chocolate to taste test. I was a little too excited as I’m a complete Green & Black addict especially the 70% dark.

So armed with a lot of different kinds of Green & Blacks chocolate and instructions of how to ‘taste’ which involved holding your nose whilst putting the chocolate in your mouth which made Miss L giggle a lot.  We headed over to my parents for a taste test, there was no way we could do it all on our own!.  Dad was especially pleased to help out, anything to help out!

Miss L and my Dad took the taste testing very seriously, she even poured us all a glass of water to drink between squares.  So as instructed we started off with the white chocolate and worked our way through to the darkest.

As you can tell from the video, we had a good giggle taste testing.  It turned out that my favourite wasn’t the dark 70% like I thought, but the Creamy Milk which was a huge surprise. Dad’s was the Almond, Paul was the 85% Dark, but he seems to have polished off the Almond bar fairly quickly.  Miss L’s was the White Chocolate we lost her after we passed the 36% after then her squares got smaller and smaller as it’s was ‘grown up chocolate’. However the rest of the white chocolate bar is coming in handy for spelling practice bribery 🙂

The only one that we all universally disliked the cherry – it’s horrible, seriously bitter and unpleasant and trust me we’ll all eat any chocolate or anything covered in chocolate!

So we’d like to say a big thank you to Green & Blacks for a really fun family morning and thanks for all the chocolate that’ll keep me going for the next month or so while I’m sitting in front of the computer working.

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  1. What a fun treat! I love Green & Black’s too. The milk chocolate is my favourite as well, but I tend to use the 70% dark in a lot of my cooking. And then I usually snack on that as well too! 🙂

    I’ll have to try the almond… that sounds delish. I’ll make sure to steer away from the cherry though! 🙂

  2. You know, an AMERICAN perspective on the Green and Black’s would have helped your study immeasurably…and I’m fairly sure my favorite would have been the dark… 😉

  3. Oooh, fun. I actually like the cherry one! But I love cherries. I’m also slightly addicted to white chocolate at the moment as well. I’d’ve been a good leftovers hoover. :p

  4. I’m not a fan of the cherry one either.
    My fav is the dark mayan one with sort of fruity undertones.
    Am very jealous of your free samples for taste testing!

  5. How interesting that the cherry one should be so bitter and unpleasant. I’m a massive ‘bitter fan’ in general. Dark chocolate. Olives. Espresso. Maybe it’s a genetic tongue thing?

    I would like to raise my hand and volunteer to consume the rest of that bitter cherry bar in the name of extra research.