Interview with a 6 year Old

Inspired by Mum’s the Boss and Rosie Scribble’s interviews with their children I thought I’d interview Miss L – the answers were less scary than I thought they’d be. She took it very seriously and apparently they have to be realistic – LOL!

How old are you?

How old is mummy?

37 (bah right!)

How old is Nana
Might be in her 50’s or 60’s (she’s going to love that!)

Who is in charge of the country?
Prime Minister Gordon Ramsay (Well nearly right!)

Who is The Queen
Queen Elizabeth II (good work!)

What does Barak Obama do?
Prime Minister of America

What is your favourite food?
Chocolate Cake!!

What is your favourite song?
The Battle of Jericho (I have no idea what that is??)

Where do carrots come from?
Grow from the ground

Where do bananas come from?
Trees in Madagascar

How does a car work?
Engine – I know that from Top Gear (there’s my girl!)

What do you like doing at school?
Assemblies and playing handbells (do they?) and not getting into trouble (bless!)

What does mummy do while you are at school?
Work on blogs and getting me nice stuff. (Not wrong there!)

Where do babies come from?
They come from Mums (that answer could have been worse)

Where does poo come from? (naughty mummy, couldn’t resist!)


What do you want to be when you grow up?
A spy (nice!)

If you have children, what names will they have?
Rosie, Rebecca (where did that come from??), Amelia and Charlotte 

What makes you happy?
Getting lots of GoGo’s

I swear she’s actually 14…..

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  1. Had to laugh at the Prime Minister Gorden Ramsey! Wow, she knows a lot…think I’ll have to ask my 6 year old what she knows. I doubt it will be as much as yours.

  2. Beautiful, I now have an image of the prime minster running after a pig with a machete whilst making policy announcements on the phone! She knows a lot there. Have to say Heather comes up with odd names they have heard at school, my middle name is Rebecca from some book I think! Kids are just so fun!

  3. Thanks guys, I love the Prime Minister Gordon Ramsey – he’d be an awesome PM, although we’d probably be at war a lot 🙂

  4. What a great idea! Thank you ever so much for fixing my blog.I tried so hard to do it myself and as usual I messed it up.I think I’ll set up a practice blog next time I decide to make changes.

  5. What a super clever girl. although I am glad i don’t live in a country with Gordon Ramsey in charge! same could be said of Gordon Brown though too

  6. too cute liz! her “what do you want to be when you grow up” question made me think of my friends daughter….when she was younger she would tell everyone that she wanted to be a cat burgler! 🙂
    Have a super week!