Children’s Accident & Emergency

Yesterday I got the call every mother dreads ‘Miss L’s been hurt in a playground accident, we’re a bit worried about concussion. Can you come and pick her up’.  So I went roaring down to the school in a sick panic to find my girl in the school secretary’s office trying to be brave with her class assistant giving her a cuddle. As soon as I walked in she started shaking and crying and showed me her face which was hiding under an ice pack…..well it was awful. The side of her face was swollen and I could see the bruise starting to develop.  Apparently a younger child had run into her during playtime, and she’d gone straight down onto the concrete playground face first. Miss L said it’d been so quick that she’d not had time to put her hands out to save herself, she was worrying that the little boy who’d run into her was ok – which he was thankfully.

The school suggested I take her to our local minor injuries centre to get her checked out, just in case she was concussed. I was in total agreement, so we saw a Nurse Practitioner who although was happy that she wasn’t concussed (and gave Miss L a cute Teddy Bear for being brave whilst having her bruise poked) was concerned that she’d broken her cheekbone and could I take her to an A&E?

Of course at that moment I went into a blind panic, while trying to appear calm to Miss L.  The nurse gave me the choice of Hinchingbrooke (about to be the first NHS hospital to be taken over by a private company – it’s that bad!) or Addenbrookes. So I plumped for Addenbrookes, apart from the fact it’s a good hospital I had a vague recollection of their being a kids A&E there.  I phoned Paul, he dropped everything and came with us and we drove over to Addenbrookes. One of the pains of living where we do is that you are 40-60 minutes away from any A&E or maternity facilities – nightmare if you’re in a hurry!

Now I spent 7 years in the NHS so I know the ropes, and I have to say while outwardly the main A&E entrance at Addenbrookes looks a bit like entering a refugee camp, it’s run very,very well.  You wash you hands on entry, you’re seen by a Triage nurse instantly, then registered with reception.  The lovely receptionist then sent us down to the Children’s A&E… what an amazing idea.

There were toys to play with, books to read, a giant blackboard wall for them to draw on and CBBC on so they had something to take their minds off feeling ill.  The nurses were incredibily nice – she was assessed within 10 minutes of getting into the unit and nothing was too much trouble. I was told that if Miss L’s condition changed while we were waiting I was to let her know immediately.  We waited a bit to see the Paediatrician, about an hour but it was very busy as there were lots of children there (after school clubs are surprisingly dangerous places it seems!).  But he and his student were excellent, they talked to Miss L and treated her with respect and as a person rather than a ‘thing’ which I’ve seen so many times before in various A&E’s when I’ve been in them.

He said she needed an X-Ray to check the cheek wasn’t broken, and that happened IN THE SAME UNIT within 20 minutes. The Radiologist was kind and gentle in what was a very scary experience for Miss L.  We stood and watched the results instantly on the screen, they were then emailed to the Consultant who checked them. The Paediatrician came back within 20 minutes and she was released with a clean bill of health.

It was the best and fastest experience I’ve ever had in an A&E. The staff were kind, thoughtful and didn’t seem pissed off that they had patients and we were out within 3 hours. Children’s A&E’s are a great idea and something all large Trusts should be investing in. It doesn’t take much to do and makes a big difference to the experience of the ‘customer’.  No one likes sitting in an A&E with a baby or small child crying, it’s stressful for the parent and stressful for other patients.  Also having spent a couple of Saturday evenings in A&E you don’t want to be sitting with a sick child next to the drunk/drugged up walk in’s.   I really think it’s a wonderful idea.

I’d really like to thank everyone we came into contact with yesterday for having been so kind and treating Miss L so well, you made a hard, scary day much easier. Addenbrookes should be proud of you all, you’re running a wonderful service.

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The Kindness Cup

At my daughter’s school they award a ‘Kindness’ cup weekly to a child who’s been…well kind, well behaved and an all round good kid.  This cup has been a source of amusement in our house since she was in nursery, as it only ever seemed to go to the same 10-15 children who all fit the ‘very good’ kid criteria.

My lovely girl, although kind and warm hearted has bit of a temper and has a mouth that sometimes works without engaging her brain (much like her mother!). So we had accepted that while she has won the ‘Singing’ Cup, the Kindness Cup probably wasn’t ever coming home to ours.

But what do you know?

Awarded to ‘the girl who always tries her hardest’  which is all we could ever ask for.

Well done Miss L we are so proud of you xx

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Sports Relief 3 Mile Run

logo-strap Obviously it’s not me running it (I have boobs, I can’t run!), but my lovely hubby is running 3 miles in aid of Sports Relief on the 21st March.  So if you have a bit of spare cash, no matter how small you can sponsor him here Thanks x

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Cornishware Giveaway Competition – Open to UK & International

Shelf Shot His (Top) & HersKarma is a funny old thing.  A couple of weeks ago Paul broke 3 of my favourite mugs (a Cath Kidston and two Cornishware mugs) whilst getting out 3 matching white Ikea mugs for guests. Apparently mugs should match…whatever!! I was heart broken and as he cut himself so I couldn’t even shout at him, poor guy he was mortified.

You may have gathered from this ramble that I have bit of a mug fetish and the black and cream  Cornishware one that died was a particular favourite.

So imagine my utter delight last week when the makers of Cornishware T.G.Green contacted me about a giveaway of a full set of ‘his and hers’ Cornishware mugs each set is worth £40 (full disclosure and all that  – I get a set too – yay!)

Her mugs stacked.SMALLjpgHis mugs stacked.SMALLjpg So how it works is please leave me a comment, telling me your favourite piece or pieces of Cornishware (mine’s my sugar bowl – love it!) between now and Friday 26th Feb 2010 at 6pm when I’m closing the comments.

Then I’ll do a random number generator, tell the PR and the winner and then winner will be sent a code that makes the mugs free and any shipping inc international free.

So what’s your favourite piece of Cornishware?

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Working from Home

I really, really love my new business designing sites and blogs for people.  I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved in the last two months.  I’ve worked for some wonderful creative bloggers, who have been so kind and supportive to my design business. I have clients lined up until Easter, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s going.

But I have a problem, I don’t know when to turn off.

I realised that there was a problem with how I was working, when Miss L who is a massive iPhone fan was delighted when it self destructed.  And I mean REALLY HAPPY that she’d get some ‘Mummy Time’.  Last week was a nightmare as I was trying to do bits and pieces while she was on half term, I should have taken the week off but I didn’t. If I’d been in an office working for someone else I wouldn’t have had a second thought about taking the week off.

So from now on I’m going to treat it like it’s an actual office job, there’s no point in me working for myself and then still working at 12pm at night.  I might as well accept that things sometimes take a little longer and plan accordingly.

  • Paperwork that needs to be dealt with and invoicing can have it’s own day
  • I need to set up a work area – the sofa isn’t really cutting it anymore. Not sure where it’s going to be, but maybe the dining table and a shelf from the bookcase will do?
  • So I’m going to take most of Easter holidays off
  • Work hours will be 8.45 – 3pm and NO WORKING IN EVENINGS!
  • I’m going to disconnect my VioletPosy email in the evenings so I don’t see it.
  • I need to make time to design my Violetposy Design site – still not even started!
  • Do some Sage Line 50 Training for the accounts.

If you work from home, or have your own business what do you do to keep a work/life balance?  I’d be really interested to hear, I never thought it would be so hard.

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What was I thinking?

I am an utter prat.  How long have I worked in IT….forever….

Did I regularly backup my iPhone? No I did not…

Why not? you may ask…..

Because it didn’t do it automatically via bluetooth or wifi like my old Nokia and I couldn’t be arsed is the honest truth.   Plugging it into my computer via a cable seemed so 1997 so I did it maybe 8 times in the 2.5 years I’ve owned an iPhone. The first one (2G) I had was so slow it was like pulling teeth to get it to sync so I left it and it was ok, no dramas.

Bought my shiny 3GS last summer and it’s been wonderful and the syncing was fast, but I still didn’t really do it. I’d gotten out of the habit and I still have to plug the cable which is a pain.  All was fine until yesterday.  I had a weird message the battery told me that it was at 3% so I left it as I wasn’t near the plug and thought I’d leave it to run down.  10 minutes later I looked at it again to plug it in and the battery was telling me 78%.  Odd, so I plugged it in and minutes later it was telling me 100%, I left it on the bedstand until this morning when I went to check my e-mail…IT WAS DEAD.  Dead, totally and utterly not working, plugged it into the mains and the red battery light came on. Fine left it, made breakfast came back STILL ON RED NOTHING HAPPENING!!

By this point I was feeling sick, everything in my life is on that damn phone, photos, video, contacts, diary….everything.  Tried not to panic and left it for a bit longer and went out for the day…7 hours later still on the same bloody red battery light!

So I scoured the web for a way to fix it and get my data back.  I didn’t want to take it to the Apple Store for them to just swap it out and to lose everything. But first I needed to un ‘stick’ it off the battery symbol.  I couldn’t get it working in recovery mode so I had to to a last resort reset.  This site told me how to get it into DFU Mode this resets it but of course it really, really helps if you have actually ever backed it up so you can get all your info back!!

I’ve lost all my Christmas photos, videos of the nativity play, new contacts, diary dates – you name it. I’m so annoyed at myself, so the moral of the story is backup your iphone and don’t be a dummy like me.  Oh and if I’m supposed to meeting you or have your number – please mail me x

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The Secret Post Club – First Present

I’ve been meaning to post this for days, but haven’t gotten to it.  Last week I got my first present from my Secret Post Club blogger buddy.  It was so beautifully wrapped and such a thoughtful present I thought I’d share it with you.

Gorgeous or what? And there was even a Moo card on it – heaven!  It as a really cool Japanese ruler – you know about my love of stationery so what better a present?  It was from the lovely Mich Lancaster (@michlan) – check out her blog, she’s a really talented graphic designer.  Thanks so much Mich I love it 🙂

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Laziest Ready Made Food Ever?

I am a lazy cow…sorry time poor hardworking mother.  I readily admit to buying ready made custard (Waitrose YUM!), and ready grated cheese because my cheese grater insists on grating more of my knuckes than actual cheese. But I do draw the line at some things – ready made jacket potatos and pre-chopped onion being a couple of examples.  However today in Marks & Spencer’s I saw my favourite laziest ready made food ever:

Seriously?? Even the stuff you can add water and shake is less lazy…..and yes I was tempted to buy it but I didn’t 😉

What’s your favourite ‘Lazy’ ready made food?

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Rachel Ashwell – Shabby Chic

I treated myself to this book a couple of weeks ago, as a result I was googling Rachel Ashwell and I stumbled across her blog.  I may have squealed a bit, she’s been such an inspiration to me over the years – all my made over furniture is down to her.  However you might not know her name, but she is the lady who bought ‘Shabby Chic’ to life and made it a fashionable home style.  From her blog and a quick surf  it sounds like she’s had a hard year with her company going bankrupt January 2009

But she has decided start again and bring a new store to London “Shabby Chic Couture” which will be more upmarket – I’m guessing like an upmarket Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston store. And considering how well Anthropolgie is doing, she couldn’t have moved to a better city.  I don’t know when it’s opening, but I look forward to stopping by when it does. Good luck Rachel!

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Spring at Cath Kidston

Someone at Cath Kidston hates me – they’ve stopped sending me the magazine that comes out every season *SOB* and no matter how many times I resubscribe they won’t send it to me.  So I’ve had to look online to see what’s new *mutter, mutter*

And here are my favourites (family reading this remember it’s my birthday soon – love ya!)

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