{Book Review} Katie Morag and the Grand Concert

Random House sent me an email last week asking if I’d like to review some of their children’s books.  A lot of them weren’t really suitable for Miss L’s age group and then I spotted Katie Morag on the list and knew we had to read it.  Miss L’s in Year 2 so Katie Morag is featuring heavily in her curriculum at the moment – they even made Katie Morag ‘Porridgies’ on Monday.  Frankly as long as it’s not anything to do with Biff and Chip and the blessed Oxford Reading Tree I’m happy!  So last night we settled down at bedtime to read Katie Morag and the Grand Concert.

It’s the first one I’ve read, despite her reading them at school and it wasn’t bad.  I thought it was a little disjointed in places – Katie’s brother disappears out of the house and although he’s found it’s not properly explained how. The illustrations are beautiful with lots of detail for little ones to look at and the story in which Katie overcomes her shyness to sing to the village is sweet. Miss L thought it was hilarious from start to finish especially ‘Song of the Grandmothers’ – which is about throwing your ‘Granny off a Bus’ I must admit I had a giggle singing it to her as well 🙂

Miss L’s taking it into school tomorrow to read to her class so I look forward to hearing how they enjoyed it as well. So all in all a thumbs up for Katie Morag from the Violet Posy household.

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  1. I’ve been reading Katie Morag to my children for the last thirteen years, love them. I can never get enough of the map of the tiny island and imagining living there.

  2. I have to admit, I was SOOO happy when William became a free reader at school, and there was no more Biff & Chip. We were so sick of them!! Feel sorry for parents who have several children and have to go through the whole Biff’n’Chip thing more than once!!

  3. Chic Mama – I love that map, it’d be lovely to live somewhere like that!

    The Mad House – They are quite girlie, I would have thought boys would be bored with them. But I think that about a lot of the books that come home and it does worry me even though I have a girl.

    Caroline – Ahhh free reading is in sight she’s a level off – THANKGOD! I hate Biff and Chip 🙂

  4. Hello
    This Katie Morag seems really a good and an interesting book for children.I think this is perfect for my niece and she will definitely enjoy it.Thank you very much for this post.