My obsession with stationery started when I turned eleven and went to secondary school.  I blame my Mum for buying me some pencils with my name embossed on them I’ve never been the same again!  I can’t pass a stationery store without popping in ‘just for a look’, so image my delight browsing Etsy of late.   I’ve become a little fixated with the beauty of letterpress stationery and business cards.  Etsy of course has a massive selection and here are some of my favourites. I’d love some letterpress business cards, just need to get that business going!

Picture 100

The Small Printer Etsy

Picture 99DingbatPress on Etsy

Picture 97

RougePress on Etsy

Picture 98Letterary Press on Etsy

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  1. Oh they are beautiful! Just as I can spend hours looking at books I can also spend ages pouring over beautiful stationary like you.
    I keep thinking when I move I can get some new personalised stationary. ;0)

  2. Rouge and Dingbat – my pleasure I love what you both make!
    Chic Mama – I’m glad I’m not alone in my stationery obsession 🙂

  3. So pretty, my obsession is notebooks and notecards. I have started writing regularly to my mum though and *need* some pretty writing paper…..

  4. i so adore pretty stationary! I am all for writing letters and sending pretty stationary cards. Thanks for the intro to some lovely print shops on etsy!!
    My grandmother started my obsession:)


  5. I have a stationery obsession too! People around me can’t understand it 🙂 I just got my first ever filofax for christmas in the gooseberry shade, I was so excited! I’ve already bought extra paper and I’ve been eyeing up the special pens that fit perfectly inside..