Kitchen Makeover the Plan

As you know from all my previous posts on the subject (here and here) my kitchen has been driving me nuts now for about 3 years…..well actually since the day we we moved in. It’s tiny, there’s no room for a dishwasher or a washing machine and well I hate it.

So we were all set to rip it out and do it again….until the full price came in. It turns out that replacing a 8ftx8ft kitchen is somewhere between £4,000-8,000 pounds depending on who’s doing it and no appliances and no knocking down walls, I was thinking more like £2,500 – £3,500!


So I’m doing a makeover instead, I had the image of what it should look like

liz 2(2)

So what I’m going to do is:

Repaint the kitchen cupboards (started!)

Repaint the whole room cream (paint bought in the sales)

Get a new sink

Get a new worktop

Take out an upper cupboard – replace with open shelves

Take out useless lower cupboard that I can’t get into and replace with a Dishwasher

Re-grout the tile

Replace the orange floor tiles – with fake Limesone?

Maybe get a blind (undecided!)

So I have admitted defeat, in the ‘Next House‘ I’ll have the kitchen of my dreams 🙂  But in the meantime I’m going to blog the progress of this because frankly it’ll make me do it!  Coming up a post on how to and not to paint your laminate kitchen cupboards.

*Update* Here’s how it looks midway through the makeover – click here

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  1. I feel your pain! We moved into our place 2 1/2 years ago and we have only finished one room. We are still working on the nursery and K is 5 months old 🙁

    Howdens is supposedly the cheapest for kitchens but if you can revamp what you have that is great. Good luck with it!

  2. Great plans!
    My kitchen is the same size as yours and it drives me crazy too. I so need a dishwasher!!
    Hopefully, this next summer I can do it!
    can’t wait to see your progress

  3. Thanks guys for the good wishes!

    MH – One day….:)

    MDM – Howden’s had a great kitchen and it was under £1500 and I thought that it wouldn’t cost too much to install. But the prices….phew were just painful when I got the quote in. But I’m going to get my new worktop from there.

    Callie – I so want a dishwasher, I spend hours doing it with the three of us. I’ll let you know how it goes x

  4. Great post above about painting those cabinets – looks like you have a good start to your “new” kitchen Liz! I’ve been mulling over pictures, measurements as well – I hate loosing cupboard space…means I’ll have to give up some stuff!! Best of luck – can’t wait to see your progress!

  5. That’s really spooky – your ideal kitchen is my kitchen! We did it on the cheap ourselves and with IKEA cabinets because our house was falling to bits when we moved in.

  6. I hate mine too! And have been decorating it for about 3 years now. I hate decoreating, I’d rather sit back a whine about how much I don’t like it than actually do the decorating.

    Maybe when you’ve finished you could come and do mine…

  7. I have kitchen envy of your kitchen to be. Actually I have kitchen envy of your worktops. I HATE our kitchen. Absolutely hate it. In fact, it is a factor in us deciding to come back to the UK. I hate it so much I actually wrote a post about it.

    But our kitchen in the UK is not much better and needs quite a bit of painting. I’ll be following your instructions for painting laminate as soon as we get back. Is it a real real nightmare? (please say no!)

  8. I too feel your pain 🙂

    Good luck with everything – I’ll be very keen to see your instructions for painting laminate cupboards, it’s a great idea – I may try it myself.

  9. well done lil, mel did a very similar thing and you wouldnt believe the difference. It looked and felt like a completely different kitchen. i bought my worktop on ebay, they were a good 50% off the usual shop price! Also if you decide to go for new applicances i went to a local shop and told him i had a budget of xyz then told him what i needed to get! he worked out what i could get and couldnt (!?!) and i got everything i needed and wanted (maybe not the brands) but they have all been great!

  10. Thanks for your cool idea. Hope following this our kitchen became more beautiful and attractive to others. Eagerly waiting for your next post.