Goodbye David Tennant and Hello Matt Smith

Here’s my first bit of geekery for the year!  Last night I sat here crying at David Tennant’s departure from Dr Who – well it was actually Bernard Cribbin’s wonderful acting that started me off, but nevertheless their were lots of tears shed 🙂

However the regeneration into the ‘New’ Doctor left me a bit cold – he just seemed rather annoying ‘Geronimo!!!’….whatever!.  But this trailer for the next series has given me some faith, apart from anything the ‘Blink’ Stone Angels are in it and Alex Kingston’s wonderful Riversong too – I am a happy Dr Who fan again.  Here’s looking forward to Spring 2010.

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  1. Heather – he could be ok, I’m holding on to my love of Steven Moffat’s writing – wish it could have been with Tennant though, they would have been amazing! Also I can’t perve at the new boy he’s far too young!
    Mad House – That’s I think my favourite Dr Who ever so scary and she would have been amazing as an assistant, but she’s made it in Hollywood now so I doubt we’ll see her again 🙁

  2. I do not think that I will be watching the new Doctor Who – the new guy seems to young and lacks ‘instant attraction.’

  3. Blink is my favorite episode story wise, the only downside was the Doctor not being in it very much! I am reserving judgement, and I am very excited about Steven Moffat.