The Noughties


I sat down to write a post about the noughties and then I realised how much had happened! So forgive me if this is a bit long.

Ten years ago this week I was a single woman, who had only recently moved into her own flat (gorgeously decorated of course!), I was planning a massive night out for Millennium New Years Eve, with my friends despite us all supposedly being on-call for the Y2K bug.  I’d only recently met Paul, but it must have been promising as he was entered on my phone as ‘Nice Paul’!.

Since then well here’ s the quick version as it’s been eventful……

2000 – I went for a girlie weekend shopping in New York and ended up in Texas, Started seeing Paul, Changed jobs, Changed jobs again

2001 – Lost a baby, Got engaged, Changed jobs, Moved 100 miles from home, Spent 9/11 in Vancouver

2002 – Got Married! Got Pregnant!

2003 – Had my beautiful baby Miss L, Left work and became a Stay at Home Mum

2003-2006 – Moved house, Learnt what it was like to be isolated and at home with a baby in a town where you know no one. Manically decorated and gardened as I had nothing else to do and started the original Geek Mum blog. Travelled to Miami for my best friend Patricia’s wedding.

2006 – Went back to work as Miss L was 3 and was starting at nursery. My parents moved to Norfolk from Surrey. Worked my butt off as an IT Manager

2007 – Got Betty, In December realised I didn’t have a job anymore, broke my heart and resigned after our company was taken over. Started Violetposy

2008 – Started my own company in web design and internet marketing for local small companies.

2009 – Violet Posy takes off and I start talking to A Modern Mother about starting a group called ‘British Mummy Bloggers’,  I’m in Red Magazine and the Independent on Sunday. My parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

In those years I’ve lost some family members Bill, Jean, Ron and Vera who I’ll always love and miss. I’ve gained new friends Susie, Sam, Nikki, Kate who are some of the greatest friends a girl could have! Stayed in touch with friends who live so far away but are still so much a part of our lives still.  Been to weddings and been delighted to meet my friends beautiful children. Understood what it is to be a hardworking stay at home Mum – seriously the hardest job in the universe and I feel awful that I always underestimated women who stay at home with their children!  Worked with a ton of people who have made me laugh and been kind generous folk to a working Mum.  So to all the people who have made a difference in my life in the last 10 years – love you all x

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  1. Wow you’ve had a busy ten years. I’m not sure I want to remember some of the last decade, but I am looking forward to the next. Hope 2010 is good to you x

  2. Great post, Liz, really enjoyed it. Wow, what a a roller coaster decade you’ve had. All the very best to you and your family for the next ten years – Caroline xxxx

  3. Dear Lord in heaven, has it been 10 years that you’ve been my best friend and soul sister??!?

    You’re an amazing woman, and have had an amazing decade. Here’s to the next 10! XOXOX!!!

  4. Am glad we are such good friends as you are wicked, funny & supercool!
    hope the next ten years keep you just as busy with lots of trips to kiwi land…you know they also bring the start of the Dating Years for Lily!!! LOL!

  5. What a lovely wrap-up!! Jeez, your memory is better than mine…I hardly remember what I had for lunch today! 🙂 And I literally LOLd at “Nice Paul.” Hahaha! Love that. Actually I met Mike in October or 1999 and he was first “introduced” to my some of my friends at a house party on New Year’s Eve. So that certainly worked out this decade. I should try and think of the other decade “milestones” — that’ll keep me busy (and away from cookies 😉 this weekend.

  6. WOW, that’s been quite a decade! You have some lovely pictures. Hope the next decades a good one for you 🙂