Over for another year….

Did everyone have a good Christmas?

As usual it was over too quickly but it was wonderful.  We spent most of the holiday with family and friends, but Christmas Day was on our own. I decided years ago not to get into the whole ‘who’s family’s turn it is Christmas Day thing’ – also travelling with babies, all their stuff and presents is a nightmare. We did it once and never again!  But we spent the night before Christmas Eve at my parents, which was lots of fun and an awesome roast from my Mum – thanks Mum xx  Christmas Eve we visited some friends and then Boxing Day was at Paul’s parents and Miss L had a wonderful time playing with her cousins.


Christmas Day was special though and this year the change in Miss L was amazing – so grown up! She woke up at 5am and instead of opening all of her presents in her stocking, she got into bed with us and waited until we woke up. How well restrained – much better than me at that age.   The funniest thing was trying to put her Playmobil pyramid together – seriously I had to give up in the end and get Paul to do it. It would have taken me hours!

We then spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys, and watching the penultimate David Tennant Dr Who – which was brilliant and for the first time ever at Christmas didn’t make me cry 😉

Now it’s time to clear up, find a home for that pyramid, and figure out my New Year Plans (resolutions are too hard to stick with!) and to decided how Violet Posy will look for the next few months!.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me, we have just got back from our family get together at my mums. We had christmas day morning on our own, wondferful.

  2. Nice isn’t it 🙂 It always feels so much more relaxed than being at someone else’s and having to rush about. Glad you had a good one too x

  3. We too spent Christmas at home and the children were SO adorable. They totally believe and sat wonderfully taking it in turns opening a present and watching each other, so present opening lasted HOURS!
    Have also just taken them both to see the film Nativity which had me shedding a sly tear – children + Christmas = full on mummy emotions!

  4. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Us too. Very mellow and at home. I”m thinking about my redesign as well. I like the new banner. By they way, I got the Tara Frey book you reviewed for Christmas and I thought the ideas for layouts and fonts and banners and photography ideas were really useful. While she did mention her blogroll a lot I was interested in their ideas to advertise or not. It got a thumbs up from me.

  5. Your Christmas sounds wonderful. We’re plucking up the courage to stay at home on Christmas Day next year. As the boys get older I’d like them to be able to spend the day with just us. x

  6. Tara – so pleased you had such a great Christmas! Nativity looks great but I suspect I’ll have to wait till it’s on Sky now, but I look forward to seeing it.

    Sandi – Happy Christmas! Glad you enjoyed the book. I know it’s not the most technical but it is inspirational and has given me some great ideas – I just wish I was better at taking photos!

    Teresa – Happy Christmas to you, I’m just about to pop over to yours and see how your Christmas was. Your family are always so adorable.

    Sandy – It’s a brave move to stay at home at Christmas on your own, but it is worth it! in fact in the end it was my Mum who gave me the good advice. She’d spent years travelling around at Christmas with us, so advised me against it 😉 x

  7. We had our first ever Christmas day on our own and it was great! Glad to hear that yours was too! Try and see Nativity if you can…it’s brill!